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Publication date: June 2021
Features: Foreword, 16 B&W photographs, references
Keywords: hypermasculinity; men’s studies; sexuality; virility; white supremacy; whiteness; homophobia; queerphobia; homoerotic; slavery; patriarchy; feminism; human rights; dancehall; romance tourism; sexual tourism; Black Phallic Fantastic; krip-hop
Subject(s): SOCIAL SCIENCE / Black Studies (Global), Black Studies, Sociology, Social Sciences / Race & Racism, Gender & Sexuality, Gender & Sexuality / Masculinity Studies, Social Sciences, Social Sciences / Race & Racism, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Social Theory, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Gender Studies, Social Sciences, Gender Studies, hypermasculinity; men’s studies; sexuality; virility; white supremacy; whiteness; homophobia; queerphobia; homoerotic; slavery; patriarchy; feminism; human rights; dancehall; romance tourism; sexual tourism; Black Phallic Fantastic; krip-hop, Social discrimination & equal treatment, Black Studies / Sociology / Gender, Gender studies: men & boys, Sex & sexuality, social aspects, Social & political philosophy, Black Authors and Authors of Colour
Publisher(s): University of Alberta Press

Tamari Kitossa. Tamari Kitossa is Associate Professor of Sociology at Brock University. He studies the convergences of race, racism, and criminalization. He is a contributor to and co-editor of African Canadian Leadership.

Tommy J. Curry. Tommy J. Curry is Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Edinburgh.

“Appealing Because He Is Appalling engages critically with the work of James Baldwin and Frantz Fanon, exploring various registers of Black masculinity, Black sexuality and anti-Black racism. It is intersectional, reflective of social and political context, varied, and original in its scope.”

Eddie Bruce-Jones, Reader in Law & Anthropology, Birkbeck College, University of London

“Appealing Because He Is Appalling engages with sociology, cultural studies, post-colonial studies, social anthropology, and Black studies across several continents. An exceptionally insightful and rigorous anthology, it will appeal to both scholars and activists.”

William Henry, Associate Professor, University of West London

“Appealing Because He Is Appalling is an epitome of literary dialectics on the restoration of Black man to his original state in Eden. Undoubtedly, it represents a gigantic refocus and paradigmatic shift from Black male ‘gendercide’ to decolonizing rebirth of Black manhood. It is a literary bible, especially for all institutions engaging in Black gender studies.”

Emmanuel Onyeozili, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

"Kitossa and the contributing authors have demonstrated a powerful example of reading Black men and boys in generative and restorative ways. Interestingly, Baldwin's and Fanon's cultural and psychoanalytic interpretations of Black masculinities add a profound level of criticality to these essays. I recommend this book for scholars, activists, organizers, and those interested in contemporary developments in Black masculinity studies." Martez Files, Decolonization of Criminology and Justice 4(1), 85-91

"This collection is comprehensive, insightful, theoretical, historical, and riveting in its exposure of the dangers and desires that Black masculinity poses in a global context. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Advanced undergraduates through faculty."

C. B. Regester, Univ. of North Carolina--Chapel Hill,, CHOICE Magazine

“The book compiles a handful of excellent pieces that use this foundational framework to explore the representations of black masculinities and the experiences of black men across the globe…. This collection is an exciting contribution to the literature on masculinities. Its interdisciplinary approach illuminates rich avenues for inquiry regarding the representation of masculinity in media and scholarship.” Warren Jensen, Men and Masculinities, 2021

Scholarly & Academic Book of the Year | Alberta Book Publishing Awards, Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Canada
Foreword xi
Black Maleness as a Deleterious Category / Tommy J. Curry

Preface xxvii
Acknowledgements xxxv
Introduction xxxix
Tamari Kitossa

I Erotic Racism, Tropes, and Interracial Sex
Art, Nations, and Transnationalism

1 Can the Black Man Be Nude in a Culture That Imagines Him as Naked? 3
A Baldwinian and Fanonian Psychosexual Reading of Black Masculinity in “Western” Art and Cinema / Tamari Kitossa

2 Anaconda East 59
Fetishes, Phallacies, Chimbo Chauvinism, and the Displaced Discourse of Black Male Sexuality in Japan / John G. Russell

3 White Femininity, Black Masculinity, Sex/Romance Tourism, and the Politics of Feminist Theory 105
Theorizing Desire and Erotic Racism / Katerina Deliovsky

II What Does a Black Man Want?
Situating the Lives of Black Men

4 Beyond the Exotic and the Grotesque 143
Toward a Theology of Black Men and Radical Self-Love in the United Kingdom / Delroy Hall

5 A Krip-Hop Theory of Disabled Black Men 177
Challenging the Disabling of Black America, Resisting Killing and Erasure Through the Arts and Self-Empowerment / Leroy F. Moore Jr. & Tamari Kitossa

III National Culture, Transqueering Black Masculinities, and Challenging Hegemonic Masculinity

6 Carrying Corporeal Narratives 235
Weighing the Burden of Antiqueer Representations in Jamaica / Kemar McIntosh

7 A Quare Eye to Slavery 265
Black Homoerotic Encounters in Brazil and Cuba / Watufani M. Poe

8 “7 Eleven” 285
Dialectics of Jamaican Popular Music Culture and Hegemonic Masculinity / Dennis O. Howard

IV The Other Other and the Black Man
Hot Sex and the Black Man in the Global South

9 Sila ay Malaki 319
Anti-African Racism, the “Filipino Gaze,” and the Paradox of Black Masculinity in Collegiate Basketball in the Philippines / Satwinder Singh Rehal

10 A Fanonist Reading of Anti-Black Sexual Racism in the Indian Imaginary 357
Siddis, African Students, Anti-Blackness, and Psychosexual Politics in the Indian Ocean World and Its Diaspora / Tamari Kitossa, Elishma Noel Khokhar, & Mohan Siddi

Contributors 409
Index 413
ISBNs: 9781772125436 978-1-77212-543-6 Title: appealing because he is appalling ISBNs: 9781772125535 978-1-77212-553-5 Title: appealing because he is appalling ISBNs: 9781772125559 978-1-77212-555-9 Title: appealing because he is appalling