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Publication date: January 2009
Features: 4 fold-out maps, 15 chronological tables, foreword, bibliographic notes, index
Keywords: Ukrainian History
Subject(s): HISTORY / Europe / General, Ukrainian History, POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / General, RELIGION / Christian Church / History, Politics & government, Ukrainian History, Ukrainian, History
Publisher(s): CIUS Press

Ihor Sevcenko. Ihor Ševčenko (1922-2009) was the Dumbarton Oaks Professor Emeritus of Byzantine History and Literature. Born in Poland, he studied at Prague’s Charles University and the Catholic University of Louvain and was a member of Henri Grégoire's seminar in Byzantine history in Brussels. Dr. Ševčenko taught and conducted research at many institutions, including the Collège de France, the universities of Cologne, Munich, Oxford, Michigan, and California (Berkeley), and Columbia University. Long associated with Dumbarton Oaks, where he served as the director of studies, he became the professor of Byzantine history and literature at Harvard University's Department of Classics in 1973 and served as the acting director of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard. Dr. Ševčenko was the honorary president of the International Association of Byzantine Studies and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the British Academy, the Society of Bollandists, the Accademia Pontaniana, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Polish Academy of Knowledge, and other learned societies. A founding editor of Harvard Ukrainian Studies, he also served on the editorial boards of Corpus fontium historiae byzantinae and Corpus des astronomes byzantins. Dr. Ševčenko contributed greatly to the study of the relationship between the cultures of Byzantium and the Slavic world. His essay collections include Society and Intellectual Life in Late Byzantium (1981), Ideology, Letters and Culture in the Byzantine World (1982), and Byzantium and the Slavs in Letters and Culture (1991).

Frank E. Sysyn. Frank E. Sysyn is Director of the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies and Editor-in-Chief of the Hrushevsky Translation Project. He is a co-editor of Culture, Nation and Identity: The Ukrainian-Russian Encounter, 1600–1945 (2003), the author of Between Poland and Ukraine: The Dilemma of Adam Kysil, 1600–1653 (1985), and Mykhailo Hrushevsky: Historian and National Awakener (2001).

1. Ukraine between East and West
2. Byzantium and the Slavs
3. Religious Missions Seen from Byzantium: The Imperial Pattern and its Local Variants
4. The Christianization of Kyivan Rus'
5. Rival and Epigone of Kyiv: The Vladimir-Suzdal' Principality
6. The Policy of the Byzantine Patriarchate in Eastern Europe in the Fourteenth Century
7. Byzantium and the East Slavs after 1453
8. Poland in Ukrainian History
9. The Rebirth of the Rus' Faith
10. Religious Polemical Literature in the Ukrainian and Belarus' Lands in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
11. The Many Worlds of Petro Mohyla
12. The Rise of National Identity to 1700
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ISBNs: 9781894865159 978-1-894865-15-9 Title: ukraine between east and west ISBNs: 9781894865166 978-1-894865-16-6 Title: ukraine between east and west