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Publication date: December 2019
Keywords: Polish, Ukrainian, national community, Habsburg Galicia
Subject(s): POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Russian & Former Soviet Union, Area Studies, Area Studies / Ukrainian Studies, Area Studies, Area Studies / European Studies, HISTORY / Europe / Poland, Ukrainian Studies / Galicia, Polish, Ukrainian, national community, Habsburg Galicia, European history, Political ideologies, History, Political Science
Publisher(s): CIUS Press

Adam Świątek. <p>Adam Świątek is Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. He is also the author of numerous articles in the field of modern Polish history and of a book on Jan Matejko and the Ruthenians.</p>

ISBNs: 9781894865555 978-1-894865-55-5 Title: gente rutheni natione poloni