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Publication date: September 2018
Features: 20 B&W photographs, colour map, notes, bibliography, glossary, index
Keywords: Ukraine / Holomodor / Famine
Subject(s): POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Russian & Former Soviet Union, Ukraine / Holomodor / Famine, HISTORY / Europe / Eastern, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Agriculture & Food Policy, Politics & government, History of specific lands, Russia, USSR, Soviet Union, Ukraine / Holomodor / Famine, Agriculture, Social Policy
Publisher(s): CIUS Press

Stanislav Kulchytsky. Stanislav Kulchytsky, one of Ukraine’s leading historians, pioneered the study of the Holodomor in the late 1980s. Educated as an economic historian, he has written extensively on the interwar period and held leading administrative posts in the Institute of Ukrainian History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

ISBNs: 9781894865531 978-1-894865-53-1 Title: the famine of 19321933 in ukraine