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Publication date: December 2019
Features: 59 figures, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Research / Knowledge / Education / Art
Subject(s): SOCIAL SCIENCE / Research, Art & Performance, Art & Performance / Research Creation, Literary Studies, Education, Education / Higher Education, Health & Psychology, Health & Psychology / Medical Humanities, Anthropology, Anthropology / Theory & Methods, Research / Knowledge / Education / Art, EDUCATION / Research, EDUCATION / Philosophy, Theory & Social Aspects, ART / Subjects & Themes / General, Social research & statistics, Education, Philosophy & theory of education, Fine arts: treatments & subjects, Research / Knowledge / Education / Art, Essays, Education, Social Sciences, Humanities
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Natalie Loveless. Natalie Loveless is Associate Professor in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta, where she also directs the Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory.

"The editor and authors engage themselves, each other, and wider communities creating a wealth of intricate insights, understandings, and possibilities about research-creation... Knowings and Knots promotes research-creation discourse and contributes to research discussions and debates in 21st century universities. Its value to K-12 educational environments, teachers, and teacher educators comes from persons sharing ideas about arts and humanities research-creation here."

Robert C. Kleinsasser, The Journal of Educational Research, July 2020

"This book opens up to the doing and undoing involved in the generation of research-creation, the makings of new forms of knowledge, and what it is to work at the interstices -- the interstices of thinking-feeling, of bodies, human, nonhuman, entangling with places and other communities, ecologically."

Jennifer Clarke, The Journal for Artistic Research, July 2020

"Research-creation transcends conventional research methods, being an integrated praxis that is devised and tailored for each project. This collection explores some of the charged, contradictory, and productive spaces in which research-creation practitioners and educators find themselves within academia."

Dorit Naaman, Alliance Atlantis Professor, Film and Media, Queen’s University

"Knowings and Knots speaks to a particularly prevalent question in the field, that is, how the results of research-creation can be presented within the frameworks of academic writing and publication. The solutions presented here are elegant, creative, rigorous, and thought-provoking."

Cara Berger, Lecturer, Theatre Studies, University of Manchester

Book Design of the Year | Alberta Book Publishing Awards, Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Canada
Preface | Natalie Loveless
Foreword | Owen Chapman

First pairing
1 | Open and Wide: Figuring Digestion as Research-Creation (Provocation)
Randy Lee Cutler
2 | Tasting Notes: Gastroenterological Ecologies and Working Knowledges
Petra Hroch

Second Pairing
43 | From No-ing to Knowing, from Naughts to Knots (Provocation)
Paul Couillard
75 | Crisis of Literacies: How Does the Orchid Cite the Bee? (Response)
Carolina Cambre

Third pairing
97 | Anthropologist as Transducer in a Field of Affects (Provocation)
Natasha Myers
127 | Intermedia Research-Creation and Hydrapolitics
Counter-Environments of the Commons (Response)
Sourayan Mookerjea

Fourth pairing
161 | Provoking Failure: Un-Settling a Research-Creation Framework
Glen Lowry
191 | Collaboration, Dialogues, and Wild Knowledge (Response)
Rachelle Viader Knowles

211 Research-Creation as Interdisciplinary Praxis
Natalie Loveless in Conversation with Erin Manning
221 The Intimacies of Doing Research-Creation
Sarah E. Truman in Conversation with Natalie Loveless, Erin Manning,
Natasha Myers, and Stephanie Springgay
251 Demonstrating the Ineffable: Paul Couillard in Conversation with T.L. Cowan
265 Special Investigations
Randy Lee Cutler in Conversation with John Cussans
277 “Dear Simon…”
Letters back and forth, between Simon Pope, Glen Lowry, and Rachelle
Viader Knowles on Creative Practice–Led Research
299 Afterwords: Research-Creation and the University in Knots
Natalie Loveless
305 Contributors
313 Index
ISBNs: 9781772124859 978-1-77212-485-9 Title: knowings and knots ISBNs: 9781772125047 978-1-77212-504-7 Title: knowings and knots ISBNs: 9781772125054 978-1-77212-505-4 Title: knowings and knots ISBNs: 9781772125061 978-1-77212-506-1 Title: knowings and knots