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Publication date: September 2019
Features: 24 B&W photographs, foreword, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Feminism / Publishing / Activism
Subject(s): SOCIAL SCIENCE / Feminism & Feminist Theory, Communications & Media, Communications & Media / Cultural Studies, Gender & Sexuality, Gender & Sexuality / Women’s Studies, History, History / History of Gender & Sexuality, History, History / Alberta History, History, History / Canadian History, Feminism / Publishing / Activism, LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Publishing, BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Social Activists, Feminism & feminist theory, Publishing industry & journalism, Political activism, Feminism / Publishing / Activism, Social Sciences, Women's History, Women's Studies, Humanities, History
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Tessa Jordan. Tessa Jordan is a Vancouver-based researcher and educator whose work focuses on histories of Canadian feminism and the private sector’s role in the fight for social justice and ecological sustainability.

Eleanor Wachtel. Foreword by Eleanor Wachtel, Canadian writer and broadcaster.

“Given the popular myth that Alberta’s social landscape is dominated by political conservatism, Tessa Jordan’s comprehensive history of the periodical Branching Out, a feminist initiative originating in Edmonton, is refreshing…. Along with analyzing the entire run, Jordan conducted participant interviews. Happily all issues are online and are highly recommended, as is this fine book.” [Full article at]

Carol Williams, Alberta Views Magazine

“If you are a feminist writer living in Canada, it would be near impossible to read Tessa Jordan’s Feminist Acts without imagining yourself peering into a family album filled with snapshots of extended relatives: aunts, distant cousins, women whose connection to your life you may only be vaguely be aware of, but whose legacy you have inherited…. That unpaid staff in an unheated Edmonton office published Margaret Atwood’s poetry, Jane Rule’s fiction, and features on artist/singers like Beverly Glenn Copeland is nothing short of a miracle. Feminist Acts makes an invaluable, enriching contribution to periodical history, offering a balanced, compelling portrait of both the triumphs and challenges of feminist writing in Canada.”

Deborah Ostrovsky, Herizons, Spring 2021

"Published out of Edmonton, Branching Out was Canada's first second-wave feminist periodical... Jordan undertakes crucial archival work and interviews with former staff members to reconstruct not only a history of this periodical, but also multiple literary and cultural histories related to women and the women's movement in Canada." [Full review at]

Linda Morra, Canadian Literature, Nov. 2020

"What do Margaret Laurence, Margaret Atwood, and Linda Duncan have in common? Their support of Branching Out, a groundbreaking publication that contributed to feminism, publishing, and cultural politics in the heyday of the women’s movement in Canada."

Jane Arscott, Associate Professor, Athabasca University

"Jordan tells a story worth knowing about the origins, development, controversies, and challenges of publishing Branching Out."

Janice Fiamengo, Professor, University of Ottawa

“Branching Out focused on the women’s movement, literature, and the arts, maintaining its outsider status from the mainstream Canadian publications, including most women’s magazines. Along with other feminist media, the magazine played a very important role in the fight for equal rights and recognition of women’s accomplishments."

Barbara M. Freeman, Media Historian

Foreword | Eleanor Wachtel
1 Canada’s First National Second-Wave Feminist Magazine
2 Publishing Canadian Feminisms
3 Keeping the “Bobbing Paper Boat” Afloat
4 “Correcting an Imbalance”
5 “Beyond the First Growth of Radical Feminism”
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