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Publication date: July 2019
Features: 62 B&W photographs, 7 diagrams, 5 maps, notes, bibliography
Series: Patterns of Northern Traditional Healing Series
Keywords: Traditional Knowledge / Well-being / Health
Subject(s): SOCIAL SCIENCE / Indigenous Studies, Traditional Knowledge / Well-being / Health, MEDICAL / Healing, HISTORY / Native American, Traditional Knowledge / Well-being / Health, Complementary therapies, healing & health, History of the Americas, History of specific lands, Indigenous Studies, Oral History, Anthropology, Health and Medicine
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Leslie Main Johnson. Leslie Main Johnson is Professor Emerita of Anthropology at Athabasca University. She is an ethnographer and ethnobiologist who has worked with Indigenous peoples in northwestern Canada since the 1980s.

Alestine Andre.

Janelle Marie Baker.

Robert Beaulieu.

Della M. Cheney Stakawas, Katsawa.

Mida Donnessey.

Mabel English.

Christopher Fletcher.

Fort McKay Berry Group.

Annie B. Gordon.

Celina Harp.

Thea Luig.

Art Mathews Sim’oogit T’enim Gyet.

Linda G. McDonald.

Ruby E. Morgan.

Bernice Neyelle.

Morris Neyelle.

Keiichi Omura.

Evelyn Storr.

Mary Teya.

Nancy J. Turner.

Walter Vanast.

Darlene Vegh.

Earle H. Waugh. Earle H. Waugh is Professor Emeritus and was Director of the Centre for the Centre for Health and Culture in the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton upon his retirement.

"These crucial studies provide a base of evidence for how people want to live rather than being dictated to by industrial interests in their homelands. They provide a rich vision of a lived environment."

Robert Wishart, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen

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