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Publication date: August 2018
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Canadian Literature / Essays
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Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
Rona Altrows is author of At This Juncture, A Run on Hose, Key in Lock, and The River Throws a Tantrum. With Naomi K. Lewis, she co-edited Shy: An Anthology. Julie Sedivy is the co-author of Sold on Language and has written for Nautilus, Discover, Scientific American, Politico, Swerve, and others. They both live and work in Calgary.

"A great deal of our lives is spent waiting. As humans we wait for public transit and for food at restaurants and food courts... And we wait for longer, more existential things: the birth of a baby, the progression of an illness, the arrival or departure of a friend or family member, acceptance or rejection of a job opportunity, love. In this edited anthology, a broad array of writers...examine various aspects of why and how we wait."

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# 2 on Calgary Herald's Non-Fiction Bestsellers list, October 6, 2018

Calgary Herald

# 9 on Calgary Herald's Non-Fiction Bestsellers list, October 13, 2018

Calgary Herald

# 2 on Edmonton Non-Fiction Bestsellers list, October 19, 2018

"Each of these thirty-two essays is powerful, distinctive, authentic.... I closed this book feeling that I’d been on thirty-two life journeys.... Waiting is not just filling blank time. It is also about courage and love." [Full review at]

Elizabeth Greene, Ottawa Review of Books

"There’s plenty to debate here... These are just a few of the kinds of waiting essayed here, and they are all very much worth reading." Saskatoon StarPhoenix, January 26, 2019 [Full review at]

Bill Robertson

"Waiting is a universal phenomenon, and in this impressive collection editors Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy curate a variety of nuanced and distilled personal essays from 32 writers exploring the liminal experiences of people waiting for results, news, change, release or understanding"

Jannie Edwards, Alberta Views

"I would buy this book based on the contributor list alone. The essays are well balanced—short mixed in with long, very well-established writers mixed in with new ones, a variety of approaches and styles, and surprising interpretations of the waiting theme mixed in with more expected explorations. Waiting is as strong a collection as I have read."

Angie Abdou, author of Home Ice: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom

Cover Design of the Year | Alberta Book Awards, Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Canada
Cover Design of the Year | Alberta Book Awards, Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Canada

1 | Bill of Fare // Susan Olding
2 | Saturday // Anne Lévesque
3 | Waiting for Now: Four Stories // Steven Ross Smith
4 | The Escape // Edythe Anstey Hanen
5 | Waiting for Alexandra // Glen Sorestad
6 | The Art Hospital, the Floating Hospital,
and the Burning House // Elizabeth Haynes
7 | The Past Was a Small Notebook,
Much Scribbled-Upon // Cora Siré
8 | Beyond the Horizon // Julie Sedivy
9 | Two Women Waiting // Rebecca Danos
10 | Esperando // Patti Edgar
11 | Currents // Alice Major
12 | Letter of Intent // Rona Altrows
13 | The Next Minute // Jane Cawthorone
14 | Frozen // Lorri Neilsen Glenn
15 | Harder, But Still Not Painful // Robin Van Eck
16 | Alterations // Wendy Mcgrath
17 | Who Will Find Me // Weyman Chan
18 | in the event of // Stuart Ian Mckay
19 | Whisper Talk // Anne Sorbie
20 | Waiting for the Impossible // Aritha Van Herk
21 | On the Pleasure of Waiting // Richard Harrison
22 | Storage // Sharon Butala
23 | Heavy Weight of Silence Lee Kvern
24 | Impressions // Margaret Macpherson
25 | Telling // Vivian Hansen
26 | Tom Petty Just Isn’t There for You: Riffs on Waiting // Leslie Greentree
27 | Wait Training // Samantha Albert
28 | Waiting for a Hero // Jane Harris
29 | Bones, Honey // Roberta Rees
30 | Undeterred // John Graham-Pole
31 | Sa Ta Na Ma // Kathy Seifert
32 | We Come and We Go // Kelly S. Thompson

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