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Publication date: January 2019
Features: 15 B&W images, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Ballet / Artificial Intelligence / Video Games
Subject(s): PERFORMING ARTS / Dance / Classical & Ballet, Ballet / Artificial Intelligence / Video Games, COMPUTERS / Programming / Games, Games development & programming, Ballet / Artificial Intelligence / Video Games, Women's Studies, Theatre and Drama, Humanities
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
Nora Foster Stovel is Professor Emerita at the University of Alberta, where she specializes in English literature and ballet.

# 4 on Edmonton Non-Fiction Bestsellers list, March 10, 2019

“The field of Game Studies is a relatively new discipline with exciting emergent research. Uniquely, this project focuses on a type of dance narrative design that unfolds the story procedurally, based on players’ choices and the emotional arc of the game experience. Additionally, this is the first game where the narrative of a specific ballet has been used for the base story.”

JoDee Allen, Game and Movement Designer

“The scholarship contained within this work is multidisciplinary and seeks to elaborate on how one cultural object is related to different fields.”

Jonathan Osborn, Dancer and Choreographer

"iGiselle​ brings ballet into the burgeoning field of immersive dance video games by rethinking the intersections between gender, narrative, and technology."

Allana C. Lindgren, Associate Professor, University of Victoria

Revisioning Giselle as the Video Game iGiselle // Nora Foster Stovel


Recreating Giselle for the Twenty-First Century // Nora Foster Stovel

I An Interdisciplinary Approach to Giselle

1 | The Creation of the Romantic Ballet Giselle
The Ballerina’s Hamlet // Nora Foster Stovel

2 | “No Feminine Endings”
Adolphe Adam’s Musical Score for Giselle // Christina Gier

3 | The Other Giselles
Moncrieff’s Giselle; or, The Phantom Night Dancers, Loder’s The Night
Dancers, and Puccini’s Le Villi // Mark Morris

4 | (Re)creating Giselle
Narrative and the Ballerina // Laura Sydora

II Creating iGiselle

5 | Artificial Intelligence for Managing the Interactive Ballet Video Game,
iGiselle // Sergio Poo Hernandez & Vadim Bulitko

6 | Re-playing iGiselle
Dance, Technology, and Interdisciplinary Creation // Emilie St. Hilaire

7 | Renewing Adolphe Adam’s Score
Creating the Music for iGiselle // Wayne DeFehr

8 | The Ballet Body and Video Games
A Feminist Perspective // Pirkko Markula

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