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Publication date: February 2018
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Poetry / Canadian Literature
Subject(s): POETRY / Canadian, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Poetry, Poetry / Canadian Literature, Poetry, Regional Interest, POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Nature, POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Places, Poetry, Poetry / Canadian Literature
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Nicholas Bradley. Nicholas Bradley is a poet, literary critic, and scholarly editor. He teaches in the Department of English at the University of Victoria.

"[Rain Shadow] fits easily into my shelf of place-aware, place-engaged, self-examining literature from the North American West.... Bradley has a real knack for the potent ending. His final lines simultaneously turn his poems and sprout from them, meaning that each piece in this collection tugs you to stop a minute before you move to the next page.... He slips between registers with ease, blending humour with story with reflection..." [Full review at]

Book Addiction

"Told in four parts, the collection centers thematically around the way humans move through, connect to, and are ultimately alien from our surrounding landscapes.... The poet’s haunting voice floats through existential thoughts, alternating between the abstract and the visceral.... In a time when the effects of climate change ravage our natural landscapes and the disconnect between citizen and cosmos seems ever widening, the poems are prescient.... Bradley sketches scenes ever on the edge of disaster, where all life is precious and profound, and rests in the shadow where little rain falls and true growth is a struggle, not to be taken for granted." [Full review at]

Amy Clark, Split Rock Review

"Bradley describes and appeals to massive elemental forces and beings, like earthquakes and avalanches, bears and killer whales.... Figurative language and wordplay, often subtle, appear throughout the collection....Some of these poems celebrate wildlife and wildness; some highlight the uneasy and destructive relationships we maintain with our fellow earthlings". [Full review at]

Kelly Shepherd, The Goose, Vol. 17, Issue 1

"[In his] stunning first collection....Bradley's impulse isn't to rub our faces in mortal mud, it's to see survival—even glimpses of transcendence—through that mortality..."

Brian Palmu, sub terrain #83

I - The Same Mountain Twice
The Same Mountain Twice
Gray Wolf Pass
Glacial Suite
Appleton Pass: Watershed Nocturne
Song of the Notch
Song of the Wind-Loaded Ledges
Larches on the Continental Divide
Whiteout in May
Some Goats
Fat Salmon in the Clearwater River
Sea to Sky
Port Angeles
Fall Classic

2 - Thisness
First, Failure
Failure Revisited
A Premise in Kamloops
Spell for the Museum of the Canadian Rockies
To Gordon Burles
Sunplay on Mountains
In the Spirit World, on a Rock
High Meadows, September
Salmon Reconsidered: Goldstream River
In Winter’s Nick
For the Millionth Time
Maundy Thursday

3 - Instructions for Travel
Instructions for Travel
Teachers and Pupils
A Lesson on Mount Rexford
Late August, Nesakwatch Spires
Snow Dome
On Reading Conquistadors of the Useless, by Lionel Terray
Mountain Failure
Mount Rundle: Second Attempt: 18 September
Avalanche Bulletin
At Bozeman International, in Hugo Country
Contra Naturam
In Midair
Cancer magister
The Earthquake
On Corporeal Existence

4 - Metamorphoses
The Beasts
New England Aquarium
Horses off the Kitsap Shore
Hot Spell in Wet Country
Spell for the Elwha River
In Praise of the Mountain Pine Beetle
Auspex Maximus
Several Birds
Guillemots et guillemets
Auks Redux
Migration to the Antipodes
The Emperor of Ice
The Bear and the Wind

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