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Publication date: January 2018
Features: Notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Ballet / Cultural Studies
Subject(s): PERFORMING ARTS / Dance / Classical & Ballet, Ballet / Cultural Studies, Art, Women's Studies, Canadian Studies, PERFORMING ARTS / Dance / History & Criticism, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Women's Studies, Dance, Ballet / Cultural Studies, Humanities
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
A dancer and instructor, Pirkko Markula is Professor of socio-cultural studies of physical activity at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Marianne I. Clark, a dancer and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, studies socio-cultural aspects of physical activity.

"Editors and contributors examine perceptions of femininity through the magnifying lens of classical dance. They are not ballet critics; they number dancers, instructors and sociologists. Yet the conclusions are stark.... "The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body" is fresh and compelling." [Full article at]

Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter

"In this unique text, Markula and Clark have edited a collection of essays that explore the transformation of the ballet body alongside an inquiry into the history and meaning of ballet. In addition to being dancers themselves, the contributors are scholars from a range of backgrounds, including gender studies, occupational therapy, and kinesiology.... Of particular interest is the book's emphasis on the different ways ballet dancers experience their bodies.... A fascinating work." C. Hauff, CHOICE Magazine, November 2018

C. Hauff, CHOICE Magazine

“… for dance research coming from outside a dance studies context, the dance expertise of these authors grounds the work, giving it additional credence. … Here, ‘evolving’ refers to certain specific and contextual mediatizations and negotiations of this oft-celebrated and sometimes vilified ‘feminine ballet body’ in decidedly contemporary contexts.”

P. Megan Andrews, University of Toronto Quarterly, Summer 2020

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles, United States
Introduction - Pirkko Markula and Marianne I. Clark

I Ballet in the Contemporary Media
1 Reading the Ballet Body in Children’s Fiction - Kate Z. Davies
2 So You Think You Can Dance: The Feminine Ballet Body in a Popular Reality Show - Pirkko Markula
3 Ballet-Inspired Workouts: Intersections of Ballet and Fitness - Pirkko Markula and Marianne I. Clark

II Lived Experiences of Ballet in Contemporary Culture
4 Multiple Bodies: In the Studio with Adolescent Ballet Dancers - Marianne I. Clark
5 “Moving for Pleasure”: The Positive Experiences of Ballet Dancers Moving into Recreational Contemporary Dance - Carolyn Millar
6 At the Barre: Ethical Training for Beginner Ballet Class - Jodie Vandekerkhove
7 Ballet for All Bodies? Tensions in Teaching Ballet Technique within an Integrated Dance Context - Kelsie Acton and Lindsay Eales

Conclusion - Pirkko Markula and Marianne I. Clark

ISBNs: 9781772123340 978-1-77212-334-0 Title: the evolving feminine ballet body