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Publication date: March 2017
Features: 7 colour images
Keywords: Leadership / Meditations
Subject(s): SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General, Leadership / Meditations, Education, Canadian Literature, Biography, EDUCATION / Leadership, EDUCATION / Administration / Higher, Educational strategies & policy, Leadership / Meditations
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
Roger Epp is Professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta. He served as founding Dean of the university’s Augustana Campus in Camrose from 2004 to 2011. He is author of We Are All Treaty People (UAP) and co-editor of Writing Off the Rural West (UAP). Rhonda Harder Epp is a painter whose work is held in private and institutional collections. Her work has been shown in galleries across western Canada. They live in Edmonton.

#2 on Edmonton Non-Fiction Bestsellers list, April 30, 2017


Set on a Wall 1
-Only Leave a Trace
-Hard Times
-The Teacher of Machiavelli
-Vikingskipshuset, Oslo
-Make Yourself Big

-If Students Ask
-Easter Weekend
-Years of Promises to See this Day
-Round Dance
-Dog Sled
-Those Who Build Bridges
-While Stephen Lewis Sleeps

-Highway Time
-A Life as Thin as Paper
-Straw-Men and Politicians
-Six Years, No Accidents
-A Curator of Tears
-Another Year, And No Disaster
-Job Description
-This is the Way the World Will End or, How a Dean Thinks

Around 1
-Someplace, Not No-Place
-Saturday Morning at the Co-op
-Doctor Fowler
-Reading University
-First Things, And How Wine Was Served on Campus
-Resource Curse

Around 2
-On Sunday They Will Walk
-Leave a Message at the Tone
-The Under-Painting
-A Wednesday Night in Daysland
-Generation Gap
-Return to Aberystwyth
-Turning 50

-SE 09 31 06

Set on a Wall 2
-Numbering the Days
-The Old Man in Winter
-Iron Cage
-The Image of a Hundred Years
-Last Night in June

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