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Publication date: March 2017
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Poetry / Canadian Literature
Subject(s): POETRY / Canadian, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Poetry, Poetry / Canadian Literature, Poetry, Poetry / Canadian Literature
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Douglas Barbour. Douglas Barbour is the author of several books of poetry and criticism, including Continuations and Continuations 2 (UAP). A long-time resident of Edmonton, he was inducted into the City’s Arts & Culture Hall of Fame in 2003.

"In Barbour’s latest, there are some elements familiar through much of his work, from meditations to memorials, his ongoing engagements with world politics, and lines and narrative-threads composed with breaks of breath in and among.... There is a precision that Barbour writes out in each short breath-take, clipped and clear, even as the accumulation of those words and phrases come together to form a narrative both distinct and nebulous." [Full post at]

rob mclennan

# 8 on Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers list, April 23, 2017

Listen. If is Douglas Barbour’s first book of poetry in over a decade and includes work that was produced over a twenty year period. That extended period of production has some interesting effects on the text.... The past becomes an ironic counterpoint to the present, a space where the concerns of the present are revealed not necessarily to be a repetition of the past so much as a series of re-iterations altered by task of memory. Lis]en. If is a book about memory and remembering. It is reflective and reflexive, a collection marked by meditation. The objects of meditation which include the seasons, love, art, jazz recordings, and memory shift throughout the book, but serve to ground the reader’s experiences in instances and talismans of remembering.... [W]orth reading.' Prairie Fire, May 30, 2018 [Full review at]

Ryan J. Cox

1 Acts of Memory
13 Seasonals
31 The Age Demanding
45 It’s over is it over
57 Trans —
79 Look. If
97 floating head songs
109 Recording Dates
127 A Flame on the Spanish Stairs

ISBNs: 9781772122541 978-1-77212-254-1 Title: listen if ISBNs: 9781772123074 978-1-77212-307-4 Title: listen if ISBNs: 9781772126501 978-1-77212-650-1 Title: listen if