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Publication date: March 2016
Features: Foreword/liminaire, introduction, notes
Series: CLC Kreisel Lecture Series
Keywords: Canadian Literature/Essay
Subject(s): LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays, Creative Writing, Literary Nonfiction, Creative Writing, Essays, Canadian Literature/Essay, Essays, Humanities, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Popular Culture, LITERARY CRITICISM / Canadian, Popular culture, Canadian Literature/Essay
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, Canadian Literature Centre / Centre de littérature canadienne

Lynn Coady. Lynn Coady is an award-wining author and journalist. Her first novel, Strange Heaven, was nominated for the Governor General's Award, and in 2011, her novel The Antagonist was shortlisted for the prestigious Scotiabank Giller Prize, an award she won in 2013 for her short story collection Hellgoing. Coady lives in Toronto, where she writes for television.

Paul Kennedy.

#7 on the Edmonton Journal's Non-fiction Bestsellers list for the week of April 15, 2016 The Edmonton Journal.

"[Coady] digs into the recurring social panic that new technology is making us stupid, lazy and unable to appreciate our established cultural forms.... Starting with a Sesame Street anecdote and carrying on through Planet of the Apes and 50 Shades of Grey references, she systematically dismantles the common arguments that nobody is reading anymore and our literary culture is dying." Bruce Cinnamon, Vue Weekly, June 9-15, 2016

"...despite popular perceptions to the contrary, says Coady, statistics indicate that overall readership is up in many demographics today. Fears about the end of reading are attributable more to generational anxieties than to reality... Ultimately Coady's argument is a reassuring dismantling of the imminent book apocalypse. Odds are, if you've read this far, you'll enjoy finding out the answer to 'Who Needs Books?'"

Andrew Guilbert, Alberta Views

"[Creative writer Lynn Coady] argues for the relevance of books … as repositories and vehicles for transmitting stories, for encouraging imaginative and critical thought, and for creating human connections…. Coady reminisces over the rituals surrounding book reading and its immediate gratification that are not elitist, but rather universal…. Her argument thus focuses ultimately on … the sense of immersion that a good story can give a reader." [Full review at]

Lourdes Arciniega, Canadian Literature

"This brief and superbly manufactured tome is a reprint of a lecture delivered by Ms. Coady... a welcome dose of much needed optimism for the survival of the book and for any student of the book publishing industry, it is not to be missed."

D.M. Hetherington, Publishing Research Quarterly, October 9, 2020

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