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Publication date: March 2016
Features: 140 B&W images, foreword, bibliography, index
Keywords: Literacy/Reading
Subject(s): LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Readers, Literary Studies, Education, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Auto/biography & Memoir, Literacy/Reading, Bibliography, Education, Biography, LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Literacy, EDUCATION / Non-Formal Education, Literacy, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Children's Studies, Literacy/Reading
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Margaret Mackey. Margaret Mackey is Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. She has published widely on the subject of young people's reading and their multimedia and digital literacies. A voracious reader, she lives in Edmonton.

Roberta Seelinger Trites.

"The habit of reading is most frequently acquired in childhood: it is as children that we first acquire our love of losing ourselves in other worlds and other lives, and our imaginative capacity to respond emotionally to the abstract symbols that make up a text-based narrative. .. [In Margaret Mackey's] new volume, she turns inward to recall her own formative experiences as a child reader growing up in Newfoundland during the 1950s and '60s."

Quill & Quire

"One Child Reading [is] the remarkable Margaret Mackey’s exhaustive but far from exhausting study of the development of literacy." [Full blog post at]

Peter Hunt, Archive Child blog

"I know that One Child Reading is meant to be more than just a walk down memory lane, and it is much more than that, most certainly. And yet, while I know that scholarship and literacy will be richer for the extensive and careful research represented here, I still want to thank Ms. Mackey for taking me on that walk. It was a pure pleasure. I will recommend this book highly, and not just for library collections, but for any child of the fifties who loves books and reading." Tim Bazzett, author of the memoir, BOOKLOVER

Tim Bazzett, Amazon Review

"One Child Reading, in which a professor becomes a geographer of her own literacy, is hyper-local, yet there's something about the way Margaret Mackey describes the forces that affected her early reading as a white, middle-class girl in 1950s and 60s St. John's that will speak to readers across identity lines.... [T]his book marks an expert in her field bringing a career's worth of knowledge to material she knows best. A thorough and lucid examination of the self, aided by prolific illustrations and great page design.

Jade Colbert, The Globe and Mail

"Inquiring into children's reading experiences is notoriously difficult.... [The] most promising work in the field so far has imported methods and analytical categories from the social and cognitive sciences into the hermeneutic approaches of the humanities. Mackey's crowning achievement also manages to do just this and superbly so.... One Child Reading is beautifully written: its lucid, accessible style invites readers into the world of Mackey's emergent childhood literacy, amply offering the sensual, graphic details that the author sees as key to any reading experience.... This book is an ode to reading: please read it."

Elisabeth Wesseling, International Research in Children's Literature

"...Margaret Mackey's uniquely detailed, insightful and wide-ranging study of the development of her own literacy in childhood is a major contribution to knowledge, all the better for the fact that it subsumes a lifelong of reading, thinking and reflecting. Her Autobibliography helps us to understand the full meaning of 'learning to read', and the lasting impact that early experiences of stories, non-fiction texts and even ephemeral writings can have on individual young people - both for good and for ill."

Hugo Crago, Use of English

Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award, Indexing Society of Canada, Canada
Alberta Book Publishing Awards, Scholarly and Academic, Canada
Foreword /Roberta Seelinger Trites
1 | Auto-Bibliography An Introduction
2 | Reading the First Place Theories of the Local
3 | Other Places, Other Times Theories of Trajectories
4 | Out of the Murk Emerging
5 | Stereotypes and Series Books Scaffolding
6 | The Invitation of Literature Growing
7 | A Household Ecology Sampling
8 | A Multimodal Literacy Event Arriving
9 | How I Spent My Summer Holiday, 1959 Travelling
10 | Literacies of the Season Celebrating 265
11 | Miscellaneous and Utility Literacies Doing
12 | Cowboys and Others Watching
13 | Settler Stories Claiming
14 | Now and Then, Here and There Placing
15 | Marking the Years Timing
16 | Shape-Shifting Discourses Mutating
17 | Institutions of Literacy Cultivating
18 | Back to the First Place Notes toward a Grounded Understanding of Reading


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