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Publication date: June 2013
Features: 3 B&W images, preface, introduction, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Psychology / Ethics
Subject(s): PHILOSOPHY / Ethics & Moral Philosophy, Psychology / Ethics, PSYCHOLOGY / Applied Psychology, Psychology, Psychology / Ethics
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Derek Truscott. Derek Truscott, PhD, is a Professor and Director of Counselling Training at the University of Alberta, and a Registered Psychologist. He is passionate about how to be a good—that is, ethical and effective—psychologist. He has been practicing, researching, teaching, lecturing, and writing about professional psychology for four decades. Derek lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Kenneth H. Crook. Kenneth H. Crook (1960-2008) was a trial lawyer with a Vancouver law firm. He lectured and wrote extensively in the areas of insurance law, civil procedure, and medical malpractice.

"Given its reliance on the CPA Code of Ethics, its readability, and its thoroughness, the book is an excellent textbook or reference book for senior undergraduates and entry-level graduate students, as well as for practitioners wishing to renew their acquaintance with the range of ethical questions they encounter in their practice.... In the Preface the authors outline their goals for the book, which briefly stated include increasing ethical and legal knowledge, raising awareness of ethical issues in practice, promoting ethical decision-making skills and the ability to solve ethical dilemmas, and fostering the development of a professional ethical identity. These goals have been met and exceeded in this book. The authors provide knowledge of ethical concerns to practicing psychologists, researchers, and academics in a well-written book that is very readable and interesting." , Canadian Psychology, 2014, Vol. 55, No. 1 [Full review at DOI: 10.1037/a0035674]

David R. Evans, Canadian Psychology

ISBNs: 9780888646521 978-0-88864-652-1 Title: ethics for the practice of psychology in canada revised and expanded edition