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Publication date: February 2012
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Poetry;Canadian Literature
Subject(s): POETRY / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Poetry, Poetry / Canadian Literature, Poetry;Canadian Literature, Literature, Poetry
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Michelle Smith. Michelle Smith is a poet and Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

"I enjoyed this collection and its combination of classicism, nature imagery and response to myth and to art. I also really liked the choice of form.... This was a collection in which I found poems to soothe my need for imagery and for twists of the language. I was interested in the stories it told and the echoes set going in my mind as I was reading, and I would recommend it to other poetry readers I know." The Indextrious Reader, April 10, 2012 [Full post at]

"This debut collection of poems addresses Smith's Norwegian ancestry, her prairie heritage, themes of family, memory, travel, myth, and more in ways that are joyous and adventurous, melancholy and nostalgic." Prairie Books NOW

"The Greek myths that inform dear Hermes... function both as a device for crafting lyric apostrophes and as a model of travel that embraces the newness of otherwhere alongside the promise of imagination. Three pages of explanatory notes attest to the breath of cultural forms Smith engages in this slim volume.... dear Hermes... proves aptly attuned to the inner and outer workings of story." Travis V. Mason, Canadian Literature 218, Autumn 2013

ISBNs: 9780888645975 978-0-88864-597-5 Title: dear hermes