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Publication date: March 2012
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Literature;Poetry
Subject(s): POETRY / Canadian, Creative Writing, Creative Writing / Poetry, Literature / Poetry, POETRY / American / General, Literature;Poetry, Literature, Poetry
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Douglas Barbour. Douglas Barbour lives in Edmonton. The author of several books of poetry and criticism, he was inducted into the City of Edmonton Arts & Culture Hall of Fame in 2003.

Sheila E. Murphy. Sheila E. Murphy's poetry over the past 30 years has emphasized the prose poem. Her visual work from the recent decade also appears in several collections. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Douglas Barbour and Sheila E. Murphy extend their ... refined and joyful collaboration, which begun in November 2000 via email, in Continuations 2. Very evident in this flowing is the sense of delight that each writer must have had in the interchange, which results in a third, distinctive, voice.... Word play is extended over stanzas in a relentless rhythm that captivates and invites a circling back..." Shawna Lemay, Edmonton Journal, April 7, 2012 [Full article at]

"The lyric voice throughout these tight, six-line stanzas is sustained by a 10-year collaborative process in which the poets have kept their song alive via email, back and forth from Arizona to Alberta." Prairie Books NOW

"[Barbour and Murphy] extend their sequence of ongoing collaborations, producing a rare second volume of a contemporary collaboration between two poets.... Part of what makes this ongoing collaboration interesting is in the experience behind both writers, as Douglas Barbour has been publishing trade poetry collections since the early 1970s, and Sheila E. Murphy has been publishing nearly as long as well, and their collaborative efforts would be difficult to compare to much of their already-published individual works, truly creating something that is different in tone, style and voice.. This second volume continues the play of call and response, where Barbour and Murphy meet in the middle." rob mclennan, July 7, 2012 [Full post at]

ISBNs: 9780888645968 978-0-88864-596-8 Title: continuations 2