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Publication date: May 1999
Features: full-colour throughout, glossary, references, index
Keywords: Natural History;Plants
Subject(s): NATURE / Plants / General, Environment, Environment / Natural Resources, Natural History / Plants, NATURE / Regional, Natural History;Plants, Natural History
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, Lone Pine Publishing

France Royer. France Royer is a self-taught photographer. Richard Dickinson is a research associate of the Royal Ontario Museum and a graduate of the University of Alberta (B.Sc., Physical Geography). France and Richard have been working together since 1989 and operate a botanical and photographic service company. Their other titles with the University of Alberta Press are Weeds of Canada and the Northern United States, Wildflowers of Edmonton & Central Alberta, and Wildflowers of Calgary & Southern Alberta. Another of their works, Plants of Alberta was published by Lone Pine Publishing.

Richard Dickinson.

"Though the title might imply otherwise, many of the weeds actually occur in other parts of the U.S. This is an excellent field guide." Washington Daily News

"Very easy to use, this guide contains over 750 color photos and line drawings along with all the information you will need to ID weeds. Though it is written specifically for the North, many of these 175 species are found elsewhere as well. In the introduction, there is a quick, handy guide with thumbnail photos of plants in all stages of growth from mature ones to seedlings so you can quickly identify the species you have. The best means of control is determined by the life cycle of the weed, and this title will help you choose the right method. For each species, the author provides a complete description of all the plant parts along with quick ID tips, its distribution, similar species, its status as a weed in different states, and why the plant is of concern. Common names are given in English and French. The appendix contains a helpful illustrated glossary." Connie Krochmal, BellaOnline, Nov 2, 2005

ISBNs: 9780888643117 978-0-88864-311-7 Title: weeds of canada and the northern united states