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Publication date: January 1992
Features: B&W and colour illustrations and photos, maps, table figures, notes
Series: Alberta Nature and Culture Series
Keywords: History;Native Studies
Subject(s): HISTORY / Canada / General, History, Native Studies, History;Native Studies, Natural History
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

John E. Foster.

Dick Harrison.

Professor I.S. MacLaren. I.S. MacLaren teaches at the University of Alberta in the Department of History and Classics and the Department of English and Film Studies. Mapper of Mountains: M.P. Bridgland in the Canadian Rockies, 1902–1930 (2005) is his biography of the Dominion Land Surveyor whose phototopographic work in Jasper in 1915 created the first reliable maps of the area and made possible, eight decades later, the Rocky Mountain Repeat Photography Project.

ISBNs: 9780888642370 978-0-88864-237-0 Title: buffalo