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Publication date: November 2015
Features: 4 B&W photographs, 1 map, preface, foreword, bibliography, notes, index
Series: Patterns of Northern Traditional Healing Series
Keywords: Northern Studies/Traditional Healing/Health
Subject(s): MEDICAL / Healing, Health & Psychology, Health & Psychology / Health & Medicine, Area Studies, Area Studies / Northern & Polar Studies, Indigenous Studies, Indigenous Studies / Indigenous Health, Northern Studies/Traditional Healing/Health, Indigenous Studies, Anthropology, Health and Medicine, HEALTH & FITNESS / Healing, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Indigenous Studies, Northern Studies/Traditional Healing/Health, Arctic
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
Barbara Helen Miller received her PhD in Anthropology from Leiden University in The Netherlands. She is currently an independent scholar working in co-operation with Research Group Circumpolar Cultures. She lives in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

"The essays in this collection are both erudite and fascinating and represent much detailed research by a number of scholars in Sámi affairs. The book should appeal to a wide audience, from those interested in forms of non-traditional medicine and alternative ways of healing, to those interested in the Sámi and northern cultures in general, as well as in Shamanism and wizardry."

Astrid E.J. Ogilvie, Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research

Foreword | David G. Anderson
Preface | Earle Waugh
Map of Sápmi
Introduction | Barbara Helen Miller

1 Constituting Scholarly Versions of a “Sámi Folk Medicine”
Research Practices in the Colonial Contact Zone | Stein R. Mathisen
2 Secrecy in Sámi Traditional Healing | Anne Karen Hætta
3 Traditional Sámi Healing
Heritage and Gifts of Grace | Marit Myrvoll
4 Dynamics of Naming
Examples from Porsanger | Barbara Helen Miller
5 Multiple Views from Finnmark | Kjell Birkely Andersen, Sigvald Persen, and Barbara Helen Miller
6 “Suffering in Body and Soul”
Lived Life and Experiences of Local Food Change in the Russian Arctic | Trine Kvitberg
7 The Paradox of Home
Understanding Northern Troms as a Therapeutic Landscape | Mona Anita Kiil
8 Keeping Doors Open
Everyday Life Between Knowledge Systems in the Markebygd Areas | Randi Nymo
9 Gifts of Dreams
Connecting to Sámi Epistemic Practice | Britt Kramvig

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