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Publication date: January 2016
Features: 1 B&W photograph, 2 maps, foreword, bibliography, notes, appendix, index
Keywords: History/Political Science/Middle East
Subject(s): HISTORY / Middle East / Israel & Palestine, Area Studies, Area Studies / Palestinian Studies, Political Science, Area Studies, Area Studies / Middle Eastern Studies, Social Sciences, Social Sciences / Activism & Social Movements, History/Political Science/Middle East, Peace Studies, History, History/Political Science/Middle East, Black Authors and Authors of Colour
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Ghada Ageel. Ghada Ageel is Visiting Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta and a columnist for the Middle East Eye, London. She holds a PhD and MA in Middle East Politics from the University of Exeter (Britain) and a BA in Education from the Islamic University/Gaza.

Richard Falk.

"Apartheid in Palestine is an anthology of analytical writings sharply critical of Israel's treatment of its Palestinian Arab population. Contributors include Palestinians who voice their frustrations and decry human rights abuses; Jewish Israeli citizens who openly criticize the government's ongoing policies; academics; activists; and more. An index rounds out this thought-provoking testimonial, recommended for scholars, historians, students and anyone interested in reviewing anti-occupation perspectives on the Israel-Palestinian debate."

The International Studies Shelf, Library Bookwatch

"Apartheid in Palestine is a collection of essays that both humanize and analyze issues of occupation, displacement, colonization, and apartheid.... However, far from being inflammatory, these stories of struggle are balanced in their presentations, including authors that are Palestinian, Israeli, activists, academics, and people who have lived in the region and witnessed that which they seek to tell the world. Ageel herself is a third-generation Palestinian refugee, born and raised in the Khan Younis Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip.... Regardless of what position you hold with regard to Israel and Palestine, this is an important and challenging read that presents perspectives worthy of study and discussion." [Full post at]

Paula E. Kirman

“In the book Apartheid in Palestine, Ghada Ageel has gathered a group of essays about Israel’s policy of occupation. The authors are Jewish, Christian and Muslim. They are of various nationalities—American, Canadian, Israeli and Palestinian. Some are the descendants of families who have been displaced by Israeli policies. They shed much light on what is now taking place in the occupied territories and whether ‘apartheid’ is an appropriate term to describe the current situation…. Those who seek to make sense of what is certain to be a continuing discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would do well to read [this book].” []

Allan C. Brownfeld, Jewish currents

"Ghada Ageel was for some time the Guardian's ever brilliant, brave and astute fixer in Gaza. On a visit there I found her local knowledge and sense of history to be invaluable in understanding the Palestinian side of the intractable and endless conflict which has been a tragedy for so many. She brings those qualities to her writing, which is often informed by her own personal experiences, and those of her family and friends."

Alan Rusbridger, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, a constituent college of Oxford University

"This book, edited by Ghada Ageel, is an intimate study of a people and place both central to, and isolated by, current international policy. The writing is personal and articulate, reflecting Ageel’s own history as a child of Gaza, a respected academic, and a gifted author. It should be read by all of us who love or want to better understand Gaza and the people who live there."

Craig and Cindy Corrie, Parents of Rachel Corrie who was killed in Gaza in 2003

"This is an incisive anthology of scholars and activists that finally takes the conversation on Palestine a step further. This timely collection leaves behind stale and outdated paradigms and boldly offers a new one for looking at the past, the present of the future of the evergreen issue of Palestine. Its lucid structure, original contributions and above all the courageous guidance of its editor makes this book the most valuable contribution to the struggle for justice in Palestine."

Ilan Pappe, Professor of History, Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies, University of Exeter

Foreword // Richard Falk

Part I Indigenous Voices
1 | Beit Daras
Once upon a Land // Ghada Ageel
2 | I am from there, I am from here // Reem Skeik
3 | Palestine
Via Dolorosa // Samar El-Bekai
4 | The Man with the White Beard
Uniting the Palestinian Narrative // Ramzy Baroud

Part II Activist Views
5 | International Solidarity and the Palestinian Freedom Struggle // Huwaida Arraf
6 | Palestine Calling
Notes on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement // Rafeef Ziadah
7 | Culture of Resistance
Why We Need You to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel // Tali Shapiro
8 | Complicit Dissent, Dissenting Complicity
A Story and Its Context // Rela Mazali

Part III Academic and Expert Insights
9 | Israel’s Legitimacy?
Time for a European Moratorium // Keith Hammond
10 | Israeli Apartheid, Canada, and Freedom of Expression // Abigail B. Bakan & Yasmeen Abu-Laban
11 | Political Truths
The Case of Pro-Palestine Discourse in Canada // James Cairns & Susan Ferguson
12 | A Hole in the Wall, A Rose at a Checkpoint
The Spatiality of Occupied Palestine // Sherene Razack
13 | Israel and Apartheid
A Framework for Legal Analysis // Edward C. Corrigan

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