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Publication date: March 2015
Features: Hundreds of figures, tables, equations and reactions; appendices, bibliography, notes, index
Keywords: Petroleum Industry;Processing
Subject(s): SCIENCE / Chemistry / Industrial & Technical, Petroleum Industry / Processing, SCIENCE / Energy, SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Geology, Energy, Petroleum Industry;Processing, TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Power Resources / Fossil Fuels, Engineering, Science
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Murray R. Gray. Murray R. Gray was the founding Director of the Institute for Oil Sands Innovation at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. His research as a professor of chemical engineering specialized in processing of oil sands bitumen and heavy oil.

"Appropriate for graduate students and practicing engineers, this handbook defines the fluid properties of bitumen, identifies the components of bitumen, and introduces cracking reactions driven by temperature and catalytic reactions with hydrogen gas for upgrading bitumen and heavy oil fractions. The second half of the book delves into the technical details of separation processes, thermal cracking and coking, residue hydroconversion, hydrotreating reactions, hydrogen production, and gas purification. A marketing chapter explains the economics of Canadian oilsands production, transport, processing, and export."


ISBNs: 9781772120356 978-1-77212-035-6 Title: upgrading oilsands bitumen and heavy oil