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Publication date: January 2015
Features: 40 B&W photographs, 9 charts, DVD, play, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Theatre;Sex Education;Teaching Methods
Subject(s): EDUCATION / Non-Formal Education, Theatre / Sex Education / Teaching Methods, EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / Health & Sexuality, Teaching of a specific subject, Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Sex education & the facts of life, Theatre;Sex Education;Teaching Methods, Education, Theatre and Drama, Health and Medicine
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Jan Selman. Jan Selman is Professor in the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She directs contemporary and original theatrical work. She has worked extensively creating theatre for change in collaboration with communities.

Jane Heather. Jane Heather is a playwright and Associate Professor in the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta. She has worked extensively creating theatre for change in collaboration with communities.

"In an age when internet porn is widely available, and children are being sexualized at an early age, it has become more important than ever to teach young people about sex. This book not only has great advice on using drama to teach kids about sex, it also comes with a CD to accompany the book. I would recommend this for educators who are implementing a high school sex ed program." [Full post at]

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The Canadian Association for Theatre Research / Patrick O’Neill Award, Canada

using theatre to make change
Global Road Trip
1 gps / Theatre to Make Change
2 Internal Combustion / Sexual Health Education: Urgency and Strategies for Change // Shaniff Esmail, James McKinnon, and Brenda Munro
3 Teens Take the Wheel / Are We There Yet? The Play // Jane Heather
4 In the Driver’s Seat / Participatory Theatre: Shared Knowledge Making

collaborations for change / The Importance of Partnerships
5 Car Pooling / Community Partners and Alliances
6 Dual Drive / The Are We There Yet? Sexual Health Partner Roles
7 Customized / Adapting Are We There Yet? for Community Specificity

researching theatre for change / Interdisciplinary Research in Theatre for Change
8 Bridge Construction—Slow Ahead / Creating a Play from Community Research
9 Consumer Report / Yes, But Does it Work? Program Assessment // Shaniff Esmail, Brenda Munro, and James McKinnon
10 Car Toons // The Pedagogy of Laughter // James McKinnon
11 Rez Rides / Storytelling Revolution: Reaching Out to Aboriginal Youth // Tracy L. Bear
12 Modified Ride / Experiments and Explorations in Adaptation
13 It’s the Wheel Thing / What Can Theatre Do? And How Do We Know?
14 Where Are We Now? Are We There Yet?

1 Theatre
2 Sexual Health
3 Community Meeting
4 Promoting the Are We There Yet? Program
5 The Are We There Yet? Community-University
Research Alliance Partners

ISBNs: 9781772120066 978-1-77212-006-6 Title: theatre teens sex ed ISBNs: 9781772120349 978-1-77212-034-9 Title: theatre teens sex ed