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Publication date: July 2006
Features: 100 colour plates
Series: Bruce Peel Special Collections
Keywords: Art / Books / Exhibition Catalogue
Subject(s): ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES / Books, Art & Performance, Exhibition Catalogues, Literary Studies, Literary Criticism, Art / Books / Exhibition Catalogue, Exhibition Catalogues, Art, Literary Criticism, Art / Books / Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher(s): Bruce Peel Special Collections

Robert J. Desmarais. Robert Desmarais is Head of Special Collections at the University of Alberta. A graduate of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information Studies, with a Book History and Print Culture designation, he also has university degrees in English literature and publishing.

"A fan of Caldecott from boyhood, Desmarais fondly remembers perusing the master illustrator's work when he was in preschool. That oeuvre was broadly reprinted into the 1970s and'80s. Caldecott's impact continues to be felt in the children's book industry. A major industry award is named after him - the Caldecott Medal, presented by the American Library Association - and the themes that he pioneered endure." Gilbert A. Bouchard, the Edmonton Journal, June 16, 2006.

"Filled with delicate colour plates of Caldecott's work, the book includes a critical introduction by Desmarais, as well as mini-essays that contextualize each book and point out unique features of the illustrations." Shirley Byers, Prairie Books NOW, Summer 2006

"The twelve page introduction of this text provides detailed information about the life of Randolph Caldecott. Readers learn about Caldecott's first published illustrations, and about his friendships with other accomplished artists....As well as a narrative description of each of the 26 featured books, Desmarais includes accompanying coloured or sepia reproductions of Caldecott's illustrations. Indeed, Desmarais's passion for and knowledge about the work of Randolph Caldecott are most evident in this text....Recommended." Sylvia Pantaleo, CM: Canadian Review of Materials, Volume XIII, no. 3.

"Caldecott is today associated with the children's book award in his name, but few coverages provide more than a bow to his many achievements: for this you need Randolph Caldecott: His Books and Illustrations for Young Readers..Colour illustrations on nearly every page come from the author's personal collection and spice a strong literary history of not just Caldecott, but of children's picturebooks as a whole." California Bookwatch, November, 2006.

"Randolph Caldecott: His Books and Illustrations for Young Readers reads more like a little art book than a catalogue....I hardly ever see trade books put together this way anymore, and certainly not in Canada. One of the virtues of this edition is the genuine simplicity of design....Its approach is fresh and tasteful, with colour plates so clearly reproduced, you can even see the laid paper pattern on which the originals were printed." Charles van Sandwyk, Amphora #145, February 2007

"This is an attractive exhibit catalogue, containing useful information about the production of Caldecott's books..." Leslie McGrath, University of Toronto Quarterly, Winter 2008

ISBNs: 9781551952093 978-1-55195-209-3 Title: randolph caldecott