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Publication date: January 1999
Keywords: History;Native Studies
Subject(s): HISTORY / Canada / General, History, History / Alberta History, Indigenous Studies, Political Science, Law & Legal Studies, Law & Legal Studies / Canadian Law, History / Native Studies, Indigenous peoples, History;Native Studies, Canadian History, Indigenous Studies, Law and Society
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Richard Price.

"(F)rom both official and aboriginal points of view, this collection probes the assumptions, attitudes and expectations that surrounded the negotiations and signings." Olive Patricia Dickason

"(E)xcellent - a most balanced collection....I'm delighted that it is back in print, with a new introduction." Donald B. Smith, University of Calgary

"This text has been cited twice by the Supreme Court of Canada, and it has now been expanded in its' 3rd edition. Very readable, it concentrates on the positions, different, of the First Nations and the government. Well balanced, its highlights are the memoirs of various elders and the Indian-White relations in the Prairie West during the fur trade period. A useful study for advocates settling land claims." The Barrister, Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association

"Despite the Alberta base of this book it is a good reference text for lawyers in the field of land claims. It has been twice cited in landmark decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada. The authors set out the oral and the documentary perspectives on the treaties. Aside from the educational aspect it is, as they say, a good read." Ronald F. MacIsaac, Advocate

ISBNs: 9780888643278 978-0-88864-327-8 Title: the spirit of the alberta indian treaties ISBNs: 9780888641236 978-0-88864-123-6 Title: the spirit of the alberta indian treaties ISBNs: 9780888647788 978-0-88864-778-8 Title: the spirit of the alberta indian treaties