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Publication date: January 2010
Features: 26 maps, 35 figures, 38 tables, references, CD-ROM insert
Series: Occasional Publications Series
Keywords: Circumpolar / Migration / Arctic
Subject(s): SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General, Area Studies, Area Studies / Northern & Polar Studies, Circumpolar / Migration / Arctic, Circumpolar / Migration / Arctic, Sociology
Publisher(s): University of Alberta Press

Lee Huskey.

Chris Southcott. Chris Southcott has been involved in community-based research in the circumpolar north for over 26 years. He has published over 100 scientific reports, books, chapters, and articles dealing with social and economic change in Northern Canada and the rest of the circumpolar world.

ISBNs: 9781896445489 978-1-896445-48-9 Title: migration in the circumpolar north ISBNs: 9781772122084 978-1-77212-208-4 Title: migration in the circumpolar north