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Publication date: March 2015
Features: 61 colour plates, 49 colour figures, bibliography, appendix, index
Keywords: Native Studies/Art/Great Plains
Subject(s): ART / Native American, Native Studies/Art/Great Plains, Indigenous peoples, Native Studies/Art/Great Plains, Art, Indigenous Studies, History
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, University of Nebraska Press

Arni Brownstone. Arni Brownstone is Assistant Curator of World Cultures at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. He is the author of War Paint: Blackfoot and Sarcee Painted Buffalo Robes in the Royal Ontario Museum. He lives in Toronto. (Approved)

"Brownstone analyzes five war exploits painted records by Tsuu T’ina (Sarcee) men... In Brownstone’s nuanced interpretation, war exploits were the capital for men’s social status, codified and recited on many occasions. Not only exhibited on robes wrapped around admirable men, exploits were painted on tipis by groups of such men, making their histories communal history for their bands. Ready exchanges and incorporations of ideas between many Plains First Nations produced the genre of war paintings that Brownstone’s scholarship and empathy illuminate."

Alice Kehoe, Choice Magazine

"War Paintings of the Tsuu T'ina Nation is a scholarly study of these pictorial narratives, featuring color reproductions...along with extensive interpretation and commentary... Extensive notes and an index round out this thoughtful, in-depth contribution to Art and Native American History collections."

Library Bookwatch

"[T]his outstanding piece of work is a worthy investment and a must-have for scholars, educators and students of Indigenous Studies programs across the continent.... His work, which offers valuable insight into a little-known culture, offers readers an inside look at the tools and methods of communication and storytelling in a time before there were books to write on or pens to write with.... Brownstone has done a magnificent job of providing, in laymen's terms, an in-depth look at life on the plains in the 1800s."

John Copley, Alberta Native News

"This book is worth the price alone just for the magnificent illustrations.... This is an important book, both for studying the history and culture of the Tsuu T'ina and for gaining an appreciation for the creativity of Native artists."

Alberta History

“Brownstone's meticulous study makes available a unique set of little-known hide paintings and offers valuable insights into one of the less studied indigenous societies of the Great Plains. A must for every library on Native North American art and culture.”

Janet Catherine Berlo, Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester and author of Spirit Beings and Sun Dancers: Black Hawk's Vision of a Lakota World

Melva J. Dwyer Award, Canada
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Historical Background
Plains Indian Warfare
War Exploit Painting
History of the Five Tsuu T’ina Paintings
Discussion of the Five Paintings
Pictographic Translations
Later Tsuu T’ina Paintings
Tsuu T’ina Material Culture Collections


ISBNs: 9781772120523 978-1-77212-052-3 Title: war paintings of the tsuu tina nation