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Publication date: May 2015
Features: 25 B&W photographs, bibliography, notes, appendix, index
Keywords: Biography;Music History
Subject(s): BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Music, Biography / Music History, Biography;Music History, Biography, Music
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Trevor W. Harrison. Trevor W. Harrison is a Professor in the Sociology Department, University of Lethbridge, and former Director of the Parkland Institute. His areas of specialization include Canadian society, political economy, and public policy.

"Persons interested in Canadian music will find this book on the life of Frank Gay well worth reading."

Alberta History

"A truly impressive body of research by Trevor W. Harrison...has resulted in an exceptionally well informed and informative biography of Frank Gay.... An extraordinary and enthusiastically recommended addition to community and academic library Canadian Biography and Canadian Music History reference collections..."

Paul T. Vogel, MBR Bookwatch

Trevor Harrison weaves multiple accounts of Frank Gay's life as a luthier, musician, and local character, together with his own personal memories.... Through Harrison's exploration of Gay's life, Prairie Bohemian also illuminated the social and musical history of the prairie towns and cities that Gay called home.... While documenting Gay's history, Prairie Bohemian also provides an account of the built and social history of Edmonton in the early to mid-twentieth century.... Harrison's account of Gay's life, awash with personal, emotional, and creative struggles, reminds us that speculation and subjective exploration of a life can be as valuable as the fact-finding mission that began it all." [DOI: 10.1353/gpq.2017.0024]

Justina Watt, Great Plains Quarterly

INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards / Foreword Reviews, United States

1 | Beginnings
2 | Army Tunes
3 | Postwar Toronto
4 | Edmonton the New
5 | The Shop
6 | Guitar Maker to the Stars
7 | World-Class Concerts
8 | The Dark Side
9 | Musical Flights and Nothing More
10 | Giving Back
11 | House Parties and Mr. Montoya
12 | Marriage Redux
13 | Wood Songs from the South Side
14 | Frank Gay’s Travelling Music Show
15 | Jack Paget’s Tape
16 | Searching for a Miracle
17 | The Final Years
18 | Frank Agonistes
19 | Final Days
20 | The Funeral
21 | Legacy
22 | “The Repressed Unmakeable”
23 | Coda

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