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Publication date: February 2015
Features: Foreword
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Poetry;Canadian Literature
Subject(s): POETRY / Canadian, Poetry / Canadian Literature, Poetry;Canadian Literature, Literature, Poetry, Black Authors and Authors of Colour
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Jalal Barzanji. Jalal Barzanji is a highly respected Kurdish poet and journalist. He has published seven books of poetry and numerous critical columns. After his two-year imprisonment by Saddam Hussein’s regime in the late 1980s and further political repression into the 1990s, Barzanji and his family fled to Turkey. They remained there for eleven months, eventually immigrating to Canada.

Sabah A. Salih. Sabah A. Salih is Professor of English at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

Sabah A. Salih. Sabah A. Salih is Professor of English at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

" will be easy for readers to connect with Barzanji's writing, because his words seep with humanity's universal emotions and occurrences."

Safa Jinje, Quill & Quire

On the Edmonton Journal's Bestsellers list (Edmonton Fiction) for the week of May 8, 2015

Edmonton Journal

Today's book of poetry believes that poetry connects us, makes us more human.... Barzanji has been part of an oppressed minority in his own country, an exile, a refugee and an immigrant…. By illuminating his world of exile Barzanji shines a light on the whole world. His poems are witness and journey…. Barzanji has a surprisingly light touch considering the depths he is mining, it surprises the reader again and again.... Jalal Barzanji's story is a familiar one but it is not often shared, rendered into art. These poems shine."

Michael Dennis

"The poetry itself is political, personal and interrogating. It asks questions of governments, of individuals in power and of ourselves as citizens, readers, and artists. While the poems cross boundaries and decades, Barzanji’s work is intensely immediate, while always acknowledging the swift passage of time... Barzanji’s voice is warm, accessible, and occasionally humorous. He does not shy from the seriousness of politics and war, but reminds us that within those larger spheres beats an individual heart, alone or—one would hope—next to another." [Full review at]

Kimmy Beach, Arc Poetry Magazine

Nice, intimate, vertical format that works beautifully for the poems, with a simple typographical palette... Benjamin Shaykin, Juror, Association of American University Presses: Book, Jacket, and Journal Show 2016

AAUP Book, Jacket & Journal Show – Poetry & Literature, United States
Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry – Alberta Literary Awards, Canada
New York Book Show/Trade, United States
ix Foreword
Sabah A. Salih

xiii Preface

Trying Again to Stop Time (2009)
2 Trying Again to Stop Time
4 A Soulful Sunshine
6 Beauty’s Fault
8 Smart Poems I
11 Winter Is the Season of Grief
15 Home in a Suitcase
18 The Pocket
20 I Didn’t Want to Leave Alone
22 Returning to Autumn

I Want To Be Named Home (2007)
24 To Go Back and Back
34 Beyond the Sky Is a Blue Window
36 A Woman Befriends Darkness
37 To Be Free and Lonely
39 Even Autumn Had No Room

In Memory of a Person Swept By the Wind (2006)
42 In Memory of a Person Swept By the Wind
43 A Terrible Morning
44 Too Late for Watching the Sunset
45 The Last Refuge
49 Smart Poems II

The Rain of Compassion (2002)
52 War
53 Hello Exile
55 Life Coming to an End
56 Nature’s Playground
57 The Fallen Doves
58 The Rain of Compassion
60 Untitled
61 The Sun Ignores My Boat

No Warmth (1985)
68 Keeping to Oneself
69 Midlife
70 My Heart and Water
71 Shouting at the World
72 The End of Conflicts
73 An Old Desire
74 The Shade’s Wound
75 Water’s Limitation
76 Before Leaving
77 The Most Depressing Time
78 The Wind of Exile
79 Winter’s Response
80 Burial
81 A Lonely Flower
82 The Shrine
83 To Be Naked Again
84 After the Storm
85 His Soul Returned to Us
86 The Anthem of Departure

The Evening Snow Dance (1979)
88 A View
89 An Accident
90 That Evening
91 The Immortal Lorca
92 A Poet and a Suitcase
93 The Lantern
94 No Return
95 A Legend
96 Returning
97 A New Cloud
98 Always Anxious
99 Our Breakup
100 The Shade
101 To Be Surrounded
102 To Love
104 A Visit
105 Having No Need for Fire
106 The Evening Snow Dance
107 The Meadow
108 The Fish Eagle
109 The Dance of the Waves
110 That Tree
111 Your Heart
112 Any Time You Come
113 The Death of a Poet
114 The Kindness of Trees
115 Separation
116 A Layer of Dust
117 Falling in Love

New Poems (2012–)
120 Where Am I?
121 The Shadow of a Wall
123 Together, Alone

125 Glossary

127 Acknowledgements
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