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Publication date: June 2012
Features: Introduction, 2 maps, 74 B&W photographs
Series: Bruce Peel Special Collections
Keywords: Bison;Natural History;Preservation
Subject(s): HISTORY / North America, Art & Performance, Exhibition Catalogues, History, Environment, Animal Studies, Bison / Natural History / Preservation, Bison;Natural History;Preservation, Exhibition Catalogues, Natural History
Publisher(s): Bruce Peel Special Collections

Ken Tingley. Ken Tingley, the City of Edmonton's first historian laureate, has been involved in historical research and writing for forty years. He has a deep interest in local history and the ephemera that so often expresses that history. He is the author of numerous publications about the history of Alberta.

Merrill Distad. Merrill Distad is Associate University Librarian for Research & Special Collections Services at the University of Alberta.

ISBNs: 9781551952963 978-1-55195-296-3 Title: recalling the buffalo