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Publication date: July 2004
Features: Duotone photographs, 24 pages full-colour locator maps, historic maps, appendices, index
Keywords: Regional History / Toponomy
Subject(s): HISTORY / Canada / Post-Confederation (1867-), History, History / Alberta History, Urban Studies, Urban Studies / Edmonton, Area Studies, Area Studies / Alberta, Regional History / Toponomy, Regional History / Toponomy, Alberta History, Toponymy, Urban Studies
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

City of Edmonton.

"What's in a name? As the just-released book Naming Edmonton so abundantly illustrates, the labels we affix to our streets, parks and neighbourhoods are more than just mere identifiers. The names, from Abbotsfield to Zoie, offer snapshots into the history of the city, its people, its traditions and its growth....How the book came to be is just another remarkable Edmonton story. Those who made it happen deserve our collective appreciation." Lawrence Herzog, Real Estate Weekly

"More than a decade of effort has culminated in an important addition to the published historical record of the City of Edmonton. Each story is a bright piece of the colourful historical and cultural mosaic which represents our history." Ken Tingley, The Edmonton Journal

"Naming Edmonton is a historical road map and reference book that briefly names the rich and locally famous, like the Groats and the Olivers, but Edmonton's streets were occasionally also named for coal miners, baseball enthusiasts and philanthropists. The fact that it's current to 2003 brings all the people and places close to home and makes today's events seem part of history." Susan Jones, The St. Albert Gazette

"...I wish other cities had books of the calibre of Naming Edmonton.[it] is a splendid work and has pride of place in the toponymy section of my personal library.The range and choice of illustrations adds immensely to the book's readability, as does the layout which is easy on the eye. Naming Edmonton makes me want to get to know your city really well!" Ian Kendall, Victorian Committee of the Australian National Placenames Survey, Melbourne, Australia

"The importance of the [Naming Edmonton] book, and its initial popularity with Edmonton book buyers, has much to do with the intensely powerful role the names of civic landmarks play in the lives of citizens, and the role name-giving plays in recording a local historical narrative." Gilbert A. Bouchard, Folio Magazine

"Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie was compiled by the Historic Sites Committee of the Edmonton Historical Board and presents background information on over 1300 sites in the city of Edmonton, Alberta along with 300 photographs and detailed maps. Entries are arranged alphabetically, each with a simple, straightforward vignette concerning how a given locale got its name or the individual it was named after. As Edmonton now celebrates its 100th anniversary as a city in 2004, Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie is a welcome contribution to local history and folklore." Michael J. Carson, Reviewer's Bookwatch

"...a richly designed hardcover filled with local trivia and history." Lisa Gregoire, Quill & Quire Magazine, November 2004

"In this attractive, accessible reference, alphabetical entries, illustrated with high-quality, sepia-tinted historical photos, explain the origins of place names derived from nature, people, events, and other cultures in the Canadian city of Edmonton. An introduction overviews the history and growth of the city, and a chronology and color maps provide further reference material." Reference & Research Book News, November 2004

"Here is an impressive book with more than 300 photographs and references to 1,300 streets, parks, bridges, etc. produced for the city's 100th anniversary." Alberta History, Winter 2004

"Naming Edmonton is more than just a reference guide to place names; behind these names are stories of people and events that have shaped all aspects of Edmonton history and transformed it from a fur trading post into the bustling metropolis it is today. What a wonderful tribute to Edmonton's centennial." The Foundation (Fort Edmonton Park Magazine), Winter 2004/05

"In sum, Naming Edmonton is a beautifully illustrated, information-rich tome that can be used as a research tool or simply as a way of becoming acquainted with the individuals and events that shaped Alberta's capital city." John Steckley, Canadian Book Review Annual, 2004

ISBNs: 9780888644237 978-0-88864-423-7 Title: naming edmonton