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Publication date: October 2003
Features: Bibliography
Series: cuRRents
Keywords: Literary Criticism
Subject(s): LITERARY CRITICISM / Canadian, Literary Studies, Literary Criticism, Literary Criticism, Literary Criticism, Literary Criticism
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

George Melnyk. George Melnyk is a cultural historian who has published some twenty books in a distinguished career, including works of philosophy, history, politics, and poetry. He teaches in the Faculty of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary, where he specializes in Canadian cinema.

"Melnyk achieves a mystical experience by stepping out of language. He returns with a changed sense of reality, metaphor, history, myth, time, space, and language. That moment outside language Melnyk names as poesis." -Robert Kroetsch

"A remarkable accomplishment by a jack of all trades." Anne Burke, Prairie Journal

ISBNs: 9780888644091 978-0-88864-409-1 Title: poetics of naming