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Publication date: September 2010
Features: Colour illustrations, introduction, glossary
Series: Bruce Peel Special Collections
Keywords: Canadian Fiction;Literary Awards;Printing & Publishing
Subject(s): ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES / Books, Art & Performance, Exhibition Catalogues, Literary Studies, Canadian Fiction / Literary Awards / Printing & Publishing, ART / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / General, Exhibition catalogues & specific collections, Canadian Fiction;Literary Awards;Printing & Publishing, Exhibition Catalogues, Art, Literature
Publisher(s): Bruce Peel Special Collections

John H. Meier, Jr.. John H. Meier, Jr. has been collecting books for almost forty years. He is known in Canadian academic circles as the leading expert on the Governor General's Literary Awards and is president and founder of the W.A. Deacon Literary Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the literary arts in Canada. As a businessman and independent scholar, his eclectic career history includes import-export development, medical research, and real estate. He lives in Delta, BC.

ISBNs: 9781551952659 978-1-55195-265-9 Title: the john h meier jr governor generals literary award for fiction collection 1936-2009