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Publication date: January 2014
Features: Introduction, notes
Series: Robert Kroetsch Series
Keywords: Poetry;Canadian Literature;Musicology
Subject(s): MUSIC / Genres & Styles / Classical, Poetry / Canadian Literature / Musicology, MUSIC / Individual Composer & Musician, Composers & songwriters, Musicians, singers, bands & groups, Poetry;Canadian Literature;Musicology, Literature, Poetry, Music
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Melissa Morelli Lacroix. Melissa Morelli Lacroix is a writer, teacher, and editor who lives and works in Edmonton. She has degrees in creative writing from Lancaster University and the University of Alberta as well as a certificate in Translation Studies. Melissa teaches piano and writing.

Melissa Morelli Lacroix crafts poems responding to the complex negotiations of love... A Most Beautiful Deception recounts death and suffering woven through with the irreplaceable moments of life and the sweet sting of memories. Reaching to the early nineteenth century, the poems weave lives of artists, mourners, and admirers while modelling the composers' musical scores in form.... Although emphasizing degeneration and death--physical, social, psychological--the poems maintain vibrancy, often crystallizing sound, light, colour, and emotion.... Despite its complexity and range, Deception is remarkably accessible, managing to humanize musical giants and to harmonize life's glory and brutality while avoiding sentimentalism.

Tina Trigg, Canadian Literature

ISBNs: 9780888646620 978-0-88864-662-0 Title: a most beautiful deception