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Publication date: January 2013
Features: Introduction, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Literary Criticism;Essays;Philosophy
Subject(s): LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Ancient & Classical, Literary Studies, Literary Criticism, Literary Criticism / Essays / Philosophy, LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays, Literary essays, Literary Criticism;Essays;Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Humanities
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Teresa G. Russo. Teresa G. Russo is an educator, scholar, poet, and PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. She lives in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Rachel Adelman.

Piero Boitani.

Rhiannon Graybill.

Harry Fox.

Roland Le Huenen.

Rosa Mucignat.

Joseph Ring.

Jenna Sunkenberg.

Christina Tarnopolsky.

Kevin Frederick Vaughan.

Jeffrey Weiner.

Naomi Weiss.

".11 papers are presented here on such topics as recognition and identity in Euripides' Ion, ethical epiphany in the story of Judah and Tamar, Thomas Aquinas on Christian recognition in the case of Mary Magdalene, the interruption of traumatic doubling in the interpolated tale of Dorotea, Spenser's bad romance, and Plato and the contemporary politics of recognition." Book News Inc., 2013

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ISBNs: 9780888645586 978-0-88864-558-6 Title: recognition and modes of knowledge