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Publication date: January 2002
Features: 1 map, 50 B&W photographs
Series: Occasional Publications Series
Keywords: Biography;Operation Hazen;Nunavut
Subject(s): SCIENCE / Physics / Geophysics, Area Studies, Area Studies / Northern & Polar Studies, Biography / Operation Hazen / Nunavut, Biography;Operation Hazen;Nunavut, Science, History
Publisher(s): University of Alberta Press

C. Ian Jackson. C. Ian Jackson has had a most varied career. He was one of four graduate students who spent a year on northern Ellesmere Island, manning a weather station for Operation Hazen -- Canada's contribution to the International Geophysical Year (IGY) 1957-58. By the time he had completed his thesis on the meteorology of Lake Hazen, N.W.T., he was a staff member in the geography department at the London School of Economics. From there he returned to a series of environmental positions with the Government of Canada, and then in the United Nations Secretariat. He divides his time between Connecticut and Yorkshire.

ISBNs: 9781896445243 978-1-896445-24-3 Title: does anyone read lake hazen ISBNs: 9781772121735 978-1-77212-173-5 Title: does anyone read lake hazen