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Publication date: March 2015
Features: Preface, notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Literary Essays;Cultural Studies;Travel Writing
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Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Lawrence Durrell. Born in Jalandhar, British India, Lawrence Durrell (1912–1990) was a critically hailed novelist, poet, and travel writer best known for the Alexandria Quartet novels, which were ranked by the Modern Library as among the greatest works of English literature in the twentieth century.

James Gifford. James Gifford is Professor of English and the director of the university core at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver.

Peter Baldwin.

"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, From The Elephant's Back is an outstanding collection of masterfully crafted essays organized into four major sections: Personal Positions; Ideas About Literature; Eternal Contemporaries; and Spirit of Place: Travel Writings. Very highly recommended for academic library collections, From The Elephant's Back will prove to be engaging, memorable, thought-provoking reading, and ultimately rewarding."

Midwest Book Review

" the book for Durrell’s wit, elegance, philosophy, joie de vivre and flaming intelligence."

Richard Pine, The Irish Times

"A century after Durrell's birth, readers will find Gifford's reconsideration necessary to that century's understanding of itself."

"The result is that this edition promises to open up new approaches to interpreting Durrell's more famous work. Durrell fans will treasure the book's selection of rare nonfiction, while scholars of Durrell, modernist literature, anti-authoritarian artists, and the Personalist movement will also appreciate Gifford's fine editorial work."

CAUT Bulletin

"[T]he interest of this volume does not only lie in the immeasurable wealth of Durrellian archives that are brought to the reader’s knowledge: it also sketches out the fascinating portrait of an artist engaged in the creative production of his generation so that readers of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, T. S. Eliot, Dylan Thomas, Richard Aldington, Cavafy, and Seferis will discover fascinating pieces of critical analysis where they may least have expected to.... The final part devoted to travel writing will similarly edify and stimulate both Durrell’s readers and all those who seek to understand the refinements of the genre." [Full review at]

Isabelle Keller-Privat, Études britanniques contemporaines

VII Foreword

XI Acknowledgements

XIII Introduction

1 From the Elephant’s Back

27 A Letter from the Land of the Gods
29 Airgraph on Refugee Poets in Africa
37 No Clue to Living
47 This Magnetic, Bedevilled Island That Tugs at My Heart
53 Lamas in a French Forest

63 The Prince and Hamlet
A Diagnosis
73 Hamlet, Prince of China
83 Prospero’s Isle
To Caliban
99 Ideas About Poems
101 Ideas About Poems II
103 The Heraldic Universe
107 Hellene and Philhellene
123 A Cavafy Find
129 A Real Heart Transplant into English
135 Introduction to Wordsworth
149 L’amour, Clef du Mystère?

183 Theatre
Sense and Sensibility
187 The Happy Rock
199 Studies in Genius VI
225 Constant Zarian
Triple Exile
235 Enigma Variations
239 The Shades of Dylan Thomas
247 Bernard Spencer
257 The Other Eliot
271 Richard Aldington
277 On George Seferis
281 Poets Under the Bed

287 Corfu
Isle of Legend
297 The Island of the Rose
311 Can Dreams Live on When Dreamers Die?
317 Family Portrait
325 Letter in the Sofa
331 The Moonlight of Your Smile
337 The Poetic Obsession of Dublin
347 Borromean Isles
353 Alexandria Revisited
359 With Durrell in Egypt
379 Works Cited
391 Index

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