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Publication date: September 2021
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Keywords: Concussion; Women Writers; Traumatic Brain Injury; Post-Concussion Syndrome; Recovery; Literary Non Fiction; Disability; Ableism; Healing; Trauma; Grief; Creativity; Caregiving; Sports injuries; Long COVID symptoms
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Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
E. D. Morin (Calgary/Mohkínstsis) is a winner of the Brenda Strathern Writing Prize. Her experience with concussion is documented in an online graphic story on Empathize This. Jane Cawthorne (Toronto/Tkaronto) writes about women on the brink of transformation. She is a feminist activist and former women’s studies instructor. Together, they edited the literary anthology, Writing Menopause.

"The personal essays and poetry collected in this anthology edited by activist writers Morin and Cawthorne explore how concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) impact women, and in particular, how suffering a concussion and TBI has affected the individual lives of the various contributing authors.... The anthology is divided into five sections, each bookended with poetry, and includes essays on, e.g., accepting the effects of injury, the challenges of healing, the life changes wrought by concussion, and the struggle for recovery of the creative process.... The essays, written by a diverse group of women writers, were selected with the aim of helping women who have suffered from concussion realize that they are not alone." C. A. Nadon, CHOICE Magazine

Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates. Graduate students, faculty, and professionals. General readers.

"Recommended reading.... we find it compelling and profoundly accurate." Concussion Alliance newsletter, March 2, 2022

Impact: Women Writing After Concussion is an anthology containing the stories of 21 women writers reflecting on how their personal and professional lives have changed following experience with concussion.

Concussion Alliance, March 2, 2022

"The 21 contributors here are strong, capable, accomplished.... Yet their ongoing success was jeopardized by a concussion, a.k.a. TBI (traumatic brain injury). Through this anthology, we step into the realm of the contributors' confusion and turmoil. The journey is at once astonishing, fascinating, troubling and inspiring.... Impact is one of the best anthologies I've ever read. It is not a quick read. Much pain and beauty are in its pages." Doreen Vanderstoop, Alberta Views Magazine, June 2022

"This book is such a gift to women, like me, who have suffered concussion. I devoured it. I revelled in it. I gave/give thanks for it. I offer deep gratitude for these eloquent women courageously sharing their personal stories about the invisible thief that is concussion. Right from the introduction, I was saying yes, Yes, YES! Impact is also a gift of great writing for general readers. This book creates affirmation, validation, and understanding. I believe it will also create change. Every writer is Wonder Woman in my eyes. Thank you for (your) Impact."
--Shelagh Rogers, O.C., Host of The Next Chapter, CBC Radio

"I know people who have had serious concussions. I’m familiar with a devastating range of symptoms. But those I know are not writers; those in this book are. They articulate that experience with bravery and insight; painfully, but personally. I know concussion specialists who are open-minded about how much they don’t know about concussion. This is a book for them. And for the rest of us too."
--Jay Ingram, science writer and broadcaster

“Imagine losing your abilities to create language or poetry; to be unable to freely put pen to paper. Impact delves into the raw emotional challenges faced by authors dealing with brain injuries. Readers of the anthology join the authors’ recovery as they share universal themes of creativity, isolation, regression, growth, femininity, and pain related to TBI. I recommend this anthology to others and look forward to using it as a resource within and beyond the hospital.”
--Dr. Shree Bhalerao, FRCP(C) MD, Pgd, BA, BSc, St. Michael’s Hospital, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

"This book offers validation and companionship to people who have suffered head injuries, and to many other ill people whose symptoms derail their lives but resist clinical interventions. Clinicians will gain valuable insight into how symptoms affect lives as they are lived outside of what can be perceived within the clinic. For me, the most compelling chapters take up a paradoxical task: telling a story about what prevents you from telling the story you most need to tell."
--Arthur W. Frank, author of At the Will of the Body and The Wounded Storyteller

"The essays in Impact function like the name of the anthology itself: long after reading these varied pieces I felt the effects. The through-line in this collection about concussion is a diverse, idiosyncratic reaction as unique as each contributor’s writing style. How could one story describe concussion in women? It can’t. We need each of these voices. Amid a health care system that evaluates women on a scale developed for and by men, these authors testify to the diffuse, confusing, inconsistent symptoms that come with brain injury. I venture that people with neurological challenges will feel confirmed and those whose loved ones live with post-concussion syndrome may understand why this state is almost impossible to articulate from deep inside the fog. E. D. Morin and Jane Cawthorne’s assemblage of artists and thinkers create a chorus of testimony to capture medicine’s attention with the full force of personal testimony."
--Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Trauma Head and Against Death: 35 Essays on Living

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xi Brainstorm | how we got here | E. D. Morin & Jane Cawthorne

3 In Exile I Draw the Tower Card | Kyla Jamieson
5 Lost | Jane Cawthorne
21 It’s Fine, I’m Fine | selections from a one-woman show | Stephanie Everett
43 In the River | Carrie Snyder
55 Another Ordinary Day | Dianah Smith

61 September | Kyla Jamieson
63 Un/titled | Shelley Pacholok
79 Whet Language | Claire Lacey
95 I was in the back of a taxi that went into a car that rolled a stop sign | Kinnie Starr
111 Losing my mind | Judy Rebick

123 Two Years Post-Injury | Kyla Jamieson
125 How to: Consume Care, Caringly | Chiedza Pasipanodya
131 She Hulk | E. D. Morin
143 No Answers | Alexis Kienlen
155 Concussion, Yoga and Resiliency | Mary-Jo Fetterly

169 Kind of Animal | Kyla Jamieson
173 In which skinny dipping temporarily fixes a life | Anna Swanson
187 Finding the Switch | Amy Stuart
195 A Wave of Relief | Tracy Wai de Boer
205 Appearing and Disappearing | a poet gets up from her table | Jane Harris

223 At Least | Kyla Jamieson
225 The Next Hit | Julia Nunes
241 This is Normal | Rayanne Haines
249 And the Sky Was All Violet | Adèle Barclay
263 Disconnections | Julie Sedivy
273 Orca mother drops calf after an unexpected 17 days of mourning | Kyla Jamieson

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