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In Canada, the University of Alberta Press is represented by Ampersand Inc.

British Columbia/Alberta/Yukon/Nunavut

Vancouver Head Office
2440 Viking Way
Richmond BC V6V 1N2
Tel: 604.448.7111 Fax: 604.448.7118 
Toll-free fax: 1.888.323.7118 

Ali Hewitt, alih[at]
Dani Farmer, danif[at]
Jessica Price, jessicap[at]
Pavan Ranu, 604.448.7165 pavanr[at] 

Vancouver Island

Dani Farmer,
Tel: 604.448.7168 


Jessica Price, jessicap[a]
Tel: 604.448.7170 


Toronto Head Office
321 Carlaw Avenue
Suite 213
Toronto, ON M4M 2S1
Tel: 416.703.0666 Fax: 416.703.4745 
Toll-free tel: 1.866.736.5620 Toll-free fax: 1.866.849.3819
Saffron Beckwith, President, saffronb[at]
Morgen Young, Vice-President, morgeny[at]
Laureen Cusack, laureenc[at]
Vanessa Di Gregorio, vanessad[at]
Evette Sintichakis, evettes[at]
Jenny Enriquez, jennye[at]
Laura MacDonald, lauram[at], Ext. 122 

Quebec and Atlantic Provinces

Jenny Enriquez, jennye[at]
Tel: 416.703.0666 Fax: 604.703.4745 Toll-free tel: 1.866.736.5620

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