We are looking for good books in our areas of interest. Please get to know us and our books through our website. If your work fits our list, we hope you will contact us. If you are ready to submit a proposal, our submissions document will guide you through the process. Our commitment is to add value to our authors' work.



UAP solicits and acquires manuscripts in its fields of interest. The Director and editors pursue this work through personal contact, following up leads and corresponding with potential, current and past authors. 



The author submits a proposal or a finished manuscript for consideration. The proposal or manuscript is assessed internally to determine whether it meets the standards of the Press and whether it is an appropriate project for the Press to pursue. See submissions document. 


academic review

If the manuscript passes internal assessment it is sent for external peer review. The author may also be asked to submit it to the Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme (ASPP). 


author revision

After receiving the completed reviews, the author is asked to respond in writing to the reviewers’ comments and make any necessary changes to the manuscript. 


press committee

The UAP Press Committee reviews the reviewers’ reports, the author’s response and other relevant material, and decides whether the manuscript may be published under the imprint of the University of Alberta Press. 


contract and funding 

A book budget is drawn up and project funding is sought and secured as necessary. The Director negotiates a contract with the author. Royalties are paid annually. 



The manuscript is edited for content, organization, style and consistency. The author reviews the edit and works with the editor to finalize the manuscript. The author must clear all permissions for photographs and artwork at this stage. 



The edited manuscript is designed and typeset. A cover design is developed with input from the author; however, the final decision regarding the cover rests with the Press. 


"People here are saying lots of nice things about the appearance of the book, and one person threatens to read it. You can tell a book by its cover, I swear." — Robert Kroetsch, The Hornbooks of Rita K 



The initial proofs are read by the Press’ editor and are simultaneously sent to the author for proofreading and final corrections. The final set of proofs is read by a proofreader. An index is prepared as necessary. 



The book is sent as digital files to the printer for production, which includes electronic proofs, printing and binding, and delivery of bound books. 



The Press promotes its books in its catalogue, sends out copies to appropriate displays, distributes brochures to interested persons, sends review copies to appropriate journals and newspapers, sends out desk copies, and advertises in relevant journals and magazines. 


"Cathie, thanks for all your help (and cheerfulness!)." —Dave Whitson, Writing Off the Rural West 


sales and distribution 

Ampersand Inc. represents the Press in Canada. Orders are filled through Georgetown Terminal Warehouses. In Europe Gazelle Books represents the Press. 


in conclusion

The University of Alberta Press is noted for its strengths in editing, design and marketing. Add in the fact that we are passionate about our work and you have a powerful combination! 


We apologize but we are unable to reply to unsolicited US poetry or fiction submissions.