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Publication date: September 2018
Keywords: Urban Studies / Inner City
Subject(s): LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Canadian, LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Urban, Literary essays, Urban Studies / Inner City, Urban communities
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Carissa Halton. Carissa Halton writes from and lives with her family in an urban neighbourhood in Edmonton. People often ask, “Why do you live there?” Her answer was to write a book.

ISBNs: 9781772123753 978-1-77212-375-3 Title: little yellow house ISBNs: 9781772124279 978-1-77212-427-9 Title: little yellow house ISBNs: 9781772124286 978-1-77212-428-6 Title: little yellow house ISBNs: 9781772124293 978-1-77212-429-3 Title: little yellow house