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Publication date: October 2016
Features: Bibliography, notes, index
Keywords: Agriculture / Labour Laws
Subject(s): LAW / Labor & Employment, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / Rural, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Agriculture & Food Policy, Agriculture / Labour Laws, Employment & labour law: general, Rural communities, Agriculture & farming
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press
Shirley A. McDonald teaches at UBC Okanagan. Her research interests combine literature, Canadian history, and life writing. Bob Barnetson is a professor of labour relations at Athabasca University. His research centres on the political economy of employment regulations.

"The book’s subtitle — Injustices and Activism — captures the two main themes it explores: the horrible exploitation that many farm workers endure, and the efforts they and their supporters have made to organize for reforms. This book represents a compelling argument that those of us who depend on the life-supporting work done by Canadians and temporary foreign workers on Canadian farms ought to support their efforts to unionize and their insistence that existing safety regulations should be enforced more aggressively." [Full article at]

Tom Sandborn, Vancouver Sun

"It will eternally be to Alberta’s shame that it took so long for the province to protect its farm workers with occupational health and safety legislation and employment standards laws. Successive Tory governments had blood on their hands, as Bob Barnetson and Shirley A. McDonald so eloquently portray in the book they’ve co-edited, Farm Workers in Western Canada: Injustices and Activism... The story of Alberta’s farm workers has cried out to be told for a long time. This hugely important book has done that story justice."

Naomi Lakritz

INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards (Political Science), United States
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