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Publication date: May 1997
Features: Notes, bibliography
Keywords: Literature / Criticism / Interpretation
Subject(s): LITERARY CRITICISM / Canadian, Literature / Criticism / Interpretation, Literary Criticism
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Christian Riegel. Christian Riegel teaches Canadian literature, genre studies, and poetry at Campion College at the University of Regina. He is the editor of Challenging Territory: The Writing of Margaret Laurence and A Sense of Place: Re-evaluating Regionalism in Canadian and American Writing.

"This book will add significantly to our understanding of one of Canada's most important writers." Kristjana Gunnars

"Challenging Territory consists of essays that give various insights into [Margaret Laurence's] fiction as well as her journalistic and political work. The contributions, carefully selected and organised, reflect a wide range of issues, from coloniality and postcoloniality, gender and power, to psychological, cultural, and sociopolitical aspects that affected Margaret Laurence's writing." Angela Spereng, Canadian Literature

ISBNs: 9780888642899 978-0-88864-289-9 Title: challenging territory