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Publication date: December 2015
Features: Foreword, bibliography, notes, index
Keywords: Gender Studies/Education/Military Studies
Subject(s): HISTORY / Military / Canada, Gender Studies/Education/Military Studies, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Gender Studies, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Women's Studies, EDUCATION / Research
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Nancy Taber. Nancy Taber is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Brock University. Her teaching and research extend from her experiences serving in the Canadian military as a Sea King helicopter air navigator.

Mark Anthony Castrodale.

Gillian L. Fournier. Gillian L. Fournier is a Drama and English educator in southwestern Ontario. She recently graduated from the Masters of Education program at Brock University. For her work with Drama as Social Intervention and cyberbullying, Gillian received the Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award. Since 2004, she has been writing plays that engage youth in DSI, addressing issues from cyberbullying to gender-based violence. As an educator and a researcher, she hopes to contribute to knowledge production such that more proactive measures can be taken to address social issues impacting young people.

Cindy L. Hanson. Cindy Hanson is an educator interested in participatory, intersectional, and transformative forms of learning that have local and global applications. Her transnational activism in gender equality was the subject of her doctoral work at University of British Columbia. Prior to working in Adult Education at the University of Regina, she held international development consultancies in 15 countries implementing training for gender equality; this included work in Nepal and Ethiopia during times of conflict.

Laura Lane. Laura Lane is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Education at Brock University. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and a Master of Education in socio-cultural contexts of Education at Brock University. Her research interests include forms of capital and privileged culture in university institutions; gender discourses in popular and digital media; educational possibilities of social media; technology in early years classrooms; and, discussion groups as sites for gender critique. Her research scope ranges from a variety of educational contexts from the early years to adult education. Laura is also a practicing teacher with the Niagara Catholic District School Board and is certified to teach English and Geography at the high school level. She also teaches undergraduate courses with Brock University’s Faculty of Education.

Jamie Magnusson. Jamie Magnusson is an Associate Professor of Adult Education and Community Development at OISE, University of Toronto. Her activism and scholarship on "precarity and dispossession" examine militarized financialization in terms of urban development and social justice themes, with particular attention to women, youth, and lgbtq communities. Recent publications include “Precarious Learning and Labour in Financialized Times” (Brock Journal of Education, 2013), “Biosurveillance as a Terrain of Innovation in an Era of Monopoly Finance Capital” (Policy Futures in Education, 2013), and co-authored with Elisabeth Abergel, “The Art of (Bio)Surveillance: Bioart and the Financialization of Living Systems,” Topia (Special Issue on The Financialized Imagination, 2014).

Robert C. Mizzi. Robert C. Mizzi is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. His current research interests largely focus on two areas: LGBTQ educators and educators who cross borders to work in foreign contexts. Robert examines the lives of these groups of educators in both K-12 and adult learning contexts. He has published over 35 chapters, articles and reviews in journals and books, such as the Journal of Homosexuality and Journal of Peace Education. He has also published three books that focus on educator and social development, including the edited book Breaking Free: Sexual Diversity and Change in Emerging Nations (QPI Publications/Lambda Foundation). Robert is a Research Associate for the Arthur Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice (University of Manitoba) and Perspectives Editor (Adult Education) for the journal New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. For more information on Robert’s background, please visit

Shahrzad Mojab. Shahrzad Mojab, Professor of Adult Education and Women's Studies at the University of Toronto, is an academic-activist, specializing on educational policy studies; gender, state, migration and diaspora; women, war, violence and learning; Marxist-feminism and anti-racism pedagogy. She co-edited with Sara Carpenter Educating from Marx: Race, Gender and Learning (2012); edited Women, War, Violence, and Learning (2010); co-edited with Nahla Abdo Violence in the Name of Honour: Theoretical and Political Challenges (2004) and with Himani Bannerji and Judith Whitehead Of Property and Propriety: The Role of Gender and Class in Imperialism and Nationalism (2001). She has been the guest editor of the special issue of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East Journal, on Gender and Empire (Summer 2010) and Dissent: The Politics and Poetics of Women’s Resistance (2012); International Journal of Lifelong Education, on women, war and learning; and Resources for Feminist Research, on war and militarization.

Snežana Ratkovic.

Roger Saul.

Andrew Jeffrey Haddow.

Patricia Gouthro.

"Canada in the First World War with a population of 8 million lost 61,000 dead. The tiny Kingdom of Serbia, half our size, lost 1.1 million. By any measure of modesty or good sense Canadians have some nerve in boasting of our wartime exploits as a defining moment in history. Yet the sheen of reflected military glory even today is irresistible to certain politicians who promote a 'national identity that is masculinist and militarized', writes Prof. Nancy Taber of Brock University. Gendered Militarism in Canada examines the contradiction. It is a thoughtful book. Editor Taber brings street cred to the topic; she is a former Sea King navigator." [Full article at]

Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter

“[Gendered Militarism] provides both a theoretical and practical foundation for the necessary consideration of gendered militarism in a wide range of applications. The book’s language is accessible, its examples are many and clear, and its theoretical frameworks provide a wide variety of complementary approaches as applied to personal, local, national and international contexts. The diversity of the approaches and contributors undoubtedly add validity to the book’s findings, and each author provides different ways of resisting and opposing gendered militarism…. [W]hether the reader comes from education, gender studies, communication and cultural studies, or government, military or civilian organizations, they will find the book helpful in identifying where and when gendered militarism is replicated and advanced.”

Patricia Mazepa, TOPIA Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Volume 37

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