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Publication date: June 2004
Features: Introduction, acknowledgements
Keywords: Native Studies / Western Canadian History
Subject(s): HISTORY / Canada / General, Native Studies / Western Canadian History, Indigenous Studies, Canadian History, Alberta History
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Susan Berry.

Jack Brink.

"Heavily illustrated with sketches, diagrams, paintings and photographs-both historic and modern-this book explores numerous facets of aboriginal life and experience, including food, art, religious beliefs and technology..Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta also guides readers beyond the stereotypical romance of Native culture ad history by providing some insights on the struggle Native people have faced since the arrival of Europeans. The authors did this by including more recent issues that include education, religion, health and politics, as well." Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook, August 15, 2007

ISBNs: 9780778528524 978-0-7785-2852-4 Title: aboriginal cultures in alberta ISBNs: 9781460122297 978-1-4601-2229-7 Title: aboriginal cultures in alberta