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Publication date: May 2000
Features: 22 B&W illustrations, introduction
Series: Bountiful Gardens
Keywords: Cookery
Subject(s): COOKING / General, Cookery, Cookery
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, Hole's

Sandi Vitt.

Michael Hickman.

Dale Vitt.

Lois Hole. Lois Hole, born in Buchanan, Saskatchewan, was a best-selling author, politician, entrepreneur, and an avid gardener. She was Chancellor of the University of Alberta from 1998 to 2000 and Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from February 10, 2000 until her death in 2005.

".150 recipes for old favourites and new taste treats." Linda Turk, The Chronicle

".contains lots of fun facts and delicious ideas." Calgary Herald

".an encouraging book.should promote the cultivation and consumption of this admirable plant." Barbara Robertson, CBRA

"I received a delightful little cookbook with all kinds of recipes using rhubarb.... I have tried some of the 150 recipes in this book. Besides cobbler and crisp recipes, there are soups, beverages, cakes, muffins, breads, jams, sauces, condiments, salads and main dishes." Alma Copeland, The Western Producer

Dear Sir: I just purchased your Rhubarb cookbook and even though I don't need another cookbook I just had to buy this one as it brought back so many memories of my childhood in Scotland. Our late mother made so many different things with it as we grew it in the garden: rhubarb jam, rhubarb and ginger jam, stewed rhubarb as a spring tonic, stewed rhubarb for breakfast on your Cornflakes. It was interesting to read through the book to see a lot of new recipes that I will be trying in the near future. I have been baking for almost 53 years and I still enjoy finding new books to read and new recipes to try. Rhubarb Rules. Yours Sincerely, Alex McCrindle

"Rhubarb fans will find Rhubarb More Than Just Pies by Sandi Vitt et al with an introduction by Lois hole is one of the most useful books around. This definitive guide was published by the University of Alberta Press. This contains easy to make recipes for every sort of dish from sauces and condiments to jams, soups, drinks, breads, and of course, desserts. The ingredients are given in metric as well as the usual cups, spoons, etc. In addition, this contains everything you would ever want to know about rhubarb, such as its culinary history. This title features all the in depth details on growing and caring for rhubarb in the garden, including the different varieties." Connie Krochmal, Bella Online, March 25, 2006

"I had no idea what the possibilities were for rhubarb, before reading this book. With a HUGE rhubarb plant in my garden, I worked hard, every year, to make crisps, jams and pies from the fruit. And, always, there were the bags of rhubarb that ended up in the freezer, because time (and imagination) eventually ran out. Now, I see that there are endless possibilities for this fruit--and there are great veggie recipes included, as well." Kieran Leblanc, Book Publishers Association of Alberta

"[Sandi Vitt and Michael Hickman] filled the 144-page book with rhubarb facts and history and many, many recipes including soups, drinks, desserts...and even main courses, condiments and jams. There are 36 recipes for pies, tortes and tarts alone. For the most part, the recipes are simple. A few are complex, involved and lengthy. Overall, there's something for everyone. Rhubarb is native to China and the Himalayas and as a result, it grows well in the Rockies and throughout Canada.... For those battling high cholesterol, rhubarb is your plant. The stalks are 74 per cent dietary fiber (66 per cent insoluble and six per cent soluble), which the book says reduces cholesterol and modulates body sugar absorption." Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook, November 12, 2009

"Rhubarb: More Than Just Pies deserves steady, ongoing recognition as remaining one of the few books on rhubarb on the market! Nearly 150 recipes feature rhubarb in breads and muffins to main courses - and of course, pies - and is packed with a range of ideas for cooking with rhubarb, from jams to desserts. Highly recommended!" California Bookwatch, May 2011

"Rhubarb: More Than Just Pies" packs in recipes for rhubarb-over a hundred of them-that include everything from the usual desserts and breads to more unusual beverages and main courses. Rhubarb gardening and culinary facts blend with these dishes to provide cooks a wider range of uses and folklore than the traditional rhubarb cookbook offers." California Bookwatch

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