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Publication date: September 2002
Features: notes, references
Keywords: Sociology;Health;Safety
Subject(s): HEALTH & FITNESS / Safety, Sociology;Health;Safety, Health and Medicine, Social Sciences, Risk and Safety
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

J. Peter Rothe. A widely published scholar, Peter Rothe has a rich background in analysing the social behaviour engaged in risk, safety, and injury. He has directed major qualitative research studies in traffic safety, education, trucking, criminology, health, injury control, counselling, First Nations, and gerontology. Dr. Rothe is presently a Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor with the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research at the University of Alberta.

"We've been so focused on 'the mind, body, vehicle and roadway,' says [editor] Rothe, that we've 'avoid[ed] exploring other vital perspectives like culture, economics, politics and social behaviour.' Not so in Driving Lessons, which brings together experts in psychology, sociology, education, engineering, medicine and the law to discuss what's wrong from a big-picture perspective while tackling contemporary problems such as road rage, high-risk young drivers, aging drivers and cellphone use. If you've always suspected there's a lot more to traffic safety than Elmer the Safety Elephant, buckle up and prepare to go deep with Driving Lessons. It's not a driver instruction manual, and it's definitely not a Sunday drive, but the diverse, new perspectives it provides make for a highly rewarding journey." Westworld

"Editor Peter J. Rothe is senior associate with the ACICR and assistant professor of public health at the University of Alberta. This collection of articles is the result of a project he undertook after the 1998 Alberta Traffic Saftely Summit. More than just a compilation of conference proceedings, these twenty essays are an attempt at a coherant presentation of the design-systems theory on which the conference was based." "Yes, Gordon Cambell should not be allowed to pour his own martinis. And we are probably safer if he doesn't drive an SUV. And yes, my son should take some additional safety training. Both of them should read Driving Lessons." Canadian Medical Association Journal

"This book is a fascinating collection of articles that examine the traditional roles and thinking on traffic safety and explore new knowledge and approaches. An excellent resource for anyone in traffic safety planning." W.J. Sproule, CHOICE

Alberta Book Awards - Book Cover Design of the Year (Silver)

ISBNs: 9780888643704 978-0-88864-370-4 Title: driving lessons