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Publication date: November 2005
Features: Notes, bibliography, index
Keywords: Canadian History
Subject(s): HISTORY / Canada / General, Canadian History, Canadian History, Law and Society
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Richard Connors. Richard Connors is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Ottawa.

John M. Law. John Law is Professor of Law at the University of Alberta.

"Yet there's plenty here to stimulate and entertain. If you're looking for a fireside read in the gathering days of winter and you've decided on substance, this could be the ticket. Among the most intriguing of the 16 chapters is Richard Connors's opening look at where law sprang from in the Canadian colonies. Entire books have been written on colonial legal theory and Connors provides a nice summary." Mark Lisac, The Edmonton Journal, December 11, 2005

" its heart, this volume provides a historically informed exploration of Alberta's constitutional history, rooted in the notion that the province, its peoples, and the manner in which they viewed the law and the constitution were products of a historical process of moving through time together as Albertans. These notions and perspectives were not happenstance, and recognizing this historical dynamic and the manner in which it necessarily informs the way that Albertans will continue to view these issues is a critically important insight that raises our understanding of a province that has occupied such a prominent role in the nation's affairs." Jonathan Swainger, University of Toronto Quarterly, Winter 2008

ISBNs: 9780888644572 978-0-88864-457-2 Title: forging albertas constitutional framework