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Publication date: August 1999
Series: cuRRents
Keywords: Literature
Subject(s): FICTION / Historical / General, Historical fiction, Literature, Literature, Novel
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

Jordan Zinovich. Historian, novelist, and editor Jordan Zinovich was born in Kimberley, British Columbia. He was raised and educated in B.C. and Alberta, where he learned to love the untold stories of Canada’s west. Some of his other books include Battling the Bay and Prospector North, historical biographies set in the opening of the western North, and Cobweb Walking, a volume of poetry. He now lives in New York.

"Zinovich's outstanding story of one of Canada's most elusive figures, Gabriel Dumont, re-imagines our past in ways which reveal deeper dimensions of a familiar story." Ken Tingley, Legacy

"While Zinovich openly invites further debate in the on-going contentious issue of Louis Riel and his execution, he also succeeds in his exploration of Gabriel Dumont by augmenting the 'facts' and lifting out fascinating aspects of Dumont's interior life. He does this partly by setting Dumont beside Riel. There is disturbing violence in this story of Gabriel Dumont, but there is also humour, restraint, mystery, delicacy.... Apart from the substance of Gabriel Dumont in Paris, the book's cover and design, by Alan Brownoff of The University of Alberta Press, are outstanding.... I commend both Jordan Zinovich and his publisher and congratulate them. Gabriel Dumont in Paris: A Novel History is a fine achievement." Audrey Andrews, Author of Be Good, Sweet Maid, in Canadian Ethnic Studies, XXXII, No. 2, 2000

“…At once a rendering of the prairie past and a guidebook into the prairie present. It speaks our love of place, our dislocations, our betrayals, our furious ideals, our fatal disenchantments. Gabriel Dumont himself, making a story, caught in a story, becomes a hero for all of us who cherish this gruff and fragile culture.”

Robert Kroetsch

"By viewing the events of 1885 with the eyes of Gabriel and his contemporaries, Jordan Zinovich demonstrates how the historical process includes us all. This is not a retelling in the light of new facts or a new interpretation, but a re-living of a key episode in Canada’s growth as a nation.”

Olive Patricia Dickason

The Alcuin Society Citations for Excellence in Book Design in Canada - 2nd, Prose Fiction

Alberta Book Awards - Book Cover Design of the Year

Alberta Book Awards - Book Design of the Year

ISBNs: 9780888643216 978-0-88864-321-6 Title: gabriel dumont in paris ISBNs: 9781772124835 978-1-77212-483-5 Title: gabriel dumont in paris